Villa Compound Carnelia Ain Sokhna

Carnelia Ain Sokhna
Carnelia Ain Sokhna

Carnelia Ain Sokhna قرية كارنيليا العين السخنة, the newest project by Ajna Developments, is considered an ideal destination for both homeowners and investors in Ain Sokhna. The features of Carnelia Village Ain Sokhna are unlimited as there are diverse spaces of chalets, and villas for sale with competitive prices, as well as exceptional services and amenities.


Project Site Location of Carnelia Ajna

Village Carnelia Ain Sokhna holds a prime position near Ein Sokhna gates and Cairo, not to mention its proximity to the New Capital. Specifically, it’s situated to the right of Al Galala City and the International Marina, making the strategic location of Carnelia Project easily accessible from various routes. Let’s delve deeper into what’s near Carnelia El Sokhna Resort.

Adjacent to the project Landmarks Near Carnelia Project

  • Village Carnelia Ain Sokhna is approximately 30 km away from the gates of Ain Sokhna, which is about 45 minutes by car.
  • It takes around 2 hours to reach Cairo from Carnelia El Ain El Sokhna Ajna Developments.
  • Only 6 minutes separate Carnelia Resort from Monte Galala.
  • The New Capital is located 45 minutes away from Carnelia Ajna.
  • Carnelia Ain Sokhna is also close to the famous resorts and villages of Ain Sokhna, such as Palm Hills Sokhna.

Project Design Design of Village Carnelia Ain Sokhna

Design of Carnelia Resort
Design of Carnelia Resort

Purchasing a unit at Carnelia Ain Sokhna guarantees a lifestyle brimming with comfort, privacy, and luxury. Ajna Developments has shown incredible attention to detail in Carnelia Village Ain Sokhna, from the interior design of to the exterior architecture of both the residential buildings and service facilities. Ajna offers an assortment of chalets and villas with different sizes to buy.

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Project Area Area of Carnelia El Sokhna Resort

Chalets in Carnelia El Sokhna Resort
Chalets in Carnelia El Sokhna Resort

Spread over 100 acres, Village Carnelia Ain Sokhna houses chalets, villas, and amenities, all alongside an idyllic beachfront. The project boasts a beachfront facade stretching 650 m and a private beach covering 300 m. The designers of Carnelia Resort have made certain that all units overlook the sea, setting it apart from other Ain Sokhna villages.

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Project Prices Prices of Carnelia Ain Sokhna 2024

Standalone Villa in Carnelia Ain Sokhna
Standalone Villa in Carnelia Ain Sokhna

Ajna Developments have been keen to diversify the spaces of the chalets and villas for sale in Carnelia Ain Sokhna, with various unit categories available to satisfy all tastes. Unit spaces within Carnelia Ajna ranges from 55 to 350 m2. Therefore, clients will get the chance to book the suitable space of a unit for sale.

Moreover, Ajna Developments has made sure the price per meter of units is low, and as a result, the total prices, starting from 3,960,000 EGP, in Carnelia Village Ain Sokhna have become highly competitive and offer an exceptional investment opportunity for interested buyers.

The details of space and pricing are categorized under the following sections:

  • Chalet sizes range from 55 to 150 m2, priced at  72,000 EGP per meter.
  • Townhouse spaces start from 195 m2.
  • Twin house sizes begin at 265 m2.
  • Villa areas start from 260 m2, with a price per meter of 80,300 EGP.

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Project Installment Installment Plans in Carnelia Sokhna

Installment Plan in Carnelia Village Ain Sokhna
Installment Plan in Carnelia Village Ain Sokhna

Ajna Developments has created ideal booking and installment systems for anyone seeking to book villas on installments at Village Carnelia Ain Sokhna to facilitate the purchasing process and reduce financial burdens for buyers. Here’s a breakdown of the offered systems in Carnelia El Sokhna Resort:

  • 10% down payment, followed by another 10% upon receipt, then settle the remaining amount through quarterly installments over 10 years.
  • 5% down payment, another 5% after 1 month, with the first installment due 3 months The remaining amount is paid through quarterly installments over 10 years.
  • Maintenance deposits of 9% are split into 3 payments in Carnelia project.
  • Ajna Developments ensures that all units will be handed over within 4 years in Carnelia Village Ain Sokhna, with full finishes, air conditioning, and kitchen cabinets

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Project Video Video of Carnelia Village Ain Sokhna

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Project Facilities Services and Facilities of Carnelia Resort

Village Carnelia Ain Sokhna
Village Carnelia Ain Sokhna

As for the facilities and services at Carnelia Ain Sokhna, Ajna Developments provides everything you and your family need for primary and leisure services to ensure you have a comfortable and luxurious experience. Check the following points to know more about the available services in Carnelia Ajna:

  • There is a Beach Clubhouse and a terraced Clubhouse to spend the most enjoyable times with friends and family in Carnelia El Sokhna Resort.
  • Village Carnelia Ain Sokhna features top-notch security and guard services are in place to secure the entire village and ensure customer safety.
  • A massive commercial area, home to numerous international brands, is provided in Carnelia Resort to cater to shopping enthusiasts.
  • Carnelia project includes a hotel with 50 rooms, equipped at the highest level to welcome visitors from everywhere.
  • There are up to 15 swimming pools suitable for both children and adults in Carnelia Ain Sokhna Village.
  • In Carnelia Sokhna, designated areas for wonderful BBQ parties are available.
  • Village Carnelia Ain Sokhna features an Aqua Park with exciting games suitable for children and adults.
  • Surveillance cameras are added all over Carnelia El Sokhna Resort to enhance security.
  • In Carnelia Village Ain Sokhna, Green spaces are abundant everywhere to create panoramic views for a relaxing experience.
  • Specific pathways are created for practicing various sports such as jogging and cycling in Carnelia project.
  • For shopping lovers, Village Carnelia Ain Sokhna provides a shopping mall and a hypermarket to purchase all your needs.
  • Relaxation areas are present to spend more time enjoying the green spaces and practicing yoga exercises in Carnelia Resort.

Project Advantages Features of Village Carnelia Ain Sokhna

Carnelia Ain Sokhna offers a plethora of benefits, with its prime strategic location taking center stage. Situated near the Ain Sokhna gates, Galala City, and the International Marina, with easy access from Cairo, Ajna Developments has made sure the location is as impressive as the resort itself.

Offering residential units of varying spaces, ideal prices and flexible booking & installment systems extending up to 10 years, Carnelia Village Ain Sokhna ensures that the best finishes, air conditioning, and cabinets are offered to both chalets for sale and villas alike.

Pitfalls of Carnelia Ain Sokhna

Carnelia Village Ain Sokhna’s residential units do not include chalets with more than 3 rooms. However, Ajna Developments has confirmed that the townhouses, twin houses, and standalone villas will afford customers the large spaces and number of rooms they desire. Whether a customer is seeking a smaller or larger space, they will easily find what they need in Carnelia Resort.

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Ajna Developments, the owner of Carnelia Ain Sokhna, is a significant entity in the real estate sector across the Arab world, boasting over 20 years of experience. It has built an extensive array of residential and commercial projects with an investment flair over the recent years.

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