Apartment Compound Compound Jedar 6 October

Compound Jedar 6 October
Compound Jedar 6 October

IWAN Developments has launched Compound Jedar 6 October كمبوند جدار 6 أكتوبر, a unique architectural masterpiece, using innovative international designs and offering twin houses and villas for sale. All units for sale in Jedar Compound have a distinctive view of the green spaces provided in Jedar IWAN Developments, giving units an aesthetic aspect. Compound Jedar prices are ideal and competitive.


Project Site Jedar Project Site

A project’s location is one of the greatest attractions for clients, and IWAN Developments has chosen an optimal location to build Jedar Compound 6 October, as it is located in the most vital and distinguished places and is easily accessible from many areas.

Adjacent to the project Nearby Places to Jedar Project

  • Jedar 6 October is located near Nile University.
  • Juhayna Square is minutes away from Jedar Compound.
  • Jedar project is just a few minutes away from the Mall of Arabia & Mall of Egypt.
  • You can get from Jedar Compound to Dar Al Fouad Hospital in 5 minutes.
  • Jedar 6 October is accessible from the Ring Road and the 26th of July Corridor.
  • Compound Jedar October is near  Sun Capital Compound.

Project Design Design of Jedar Compound 6 October

Jedar Project 6 October
Jedar Project 6 October

Jedar Compound 6 October is designed according to the latest international designs, allowing optimal utilization of spaces. It uses a modern spirit in construction, with unique touches that make it an integrated place with wonderful designs. Jedar 6 October is designed as follows:

  • The total area of​​ Jedar Compound 6 October is 48 acres.
  • The percentage of buildings is 20%, and 80% is allocated to green spaces and landscaping.
  • The units for sale in Jedar 6 October vary between villas and twin houses.
  • Compound Jedar 6 October contains 240 housing units.

Project Area Jedar Compound October Project Area

Villas in Jedar October Compound
Villas in Jedar October Compound

IWAN Developments is keen to take advantage of the large space on which Jedar Compound is built, to provide units of various sizes in Compound Jedar 6 October, to satisfy all tastes of those looking for comfort and sophistication, and the unit spaces in Jedar 6 October are:

  • Duplex Units: Unit spaces in Compound Jedar 6 October start from 93 m2.
  • Twin House Units: Unit spaces in Jedar Compound October start from 345 m2.
  • Villas: Spaces of villas for sale in Jedar Compound 6 October range from 448 m2 to 518 m2.

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Project Prices Compound Jedar 6 October Prices 2024 

Jedar IWAN Developments always provides satisfaction to its clients, which is clear in Jedar unit prices. IWAN Developments provides competitive prices per meter, to offer an opportunity to the largest number of clients to buy the units for sale in Compound Jedar 6 October. Jedar prices of units for sale start from 8,200,000 EGP.

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Project Installment Jedar Compound Installments and Reservation

Town Houses in Jedar Compound
Town Houses in Jedar Compound

Compound Jedar 6 October offers smooth reservation and installment plans, as the company would like to facilitate the payment process for clients. So, they have provided Compound Jedar installments and payment plans to reduce their clients’ financial burdens. Compound Jedar down payment and installments come in the following plan:

  • 15% down payment, 5% after 1 year, 10% after 2 years, and the rest in equal installments over 8 years.
  • Compound Jedar 6 October units for sale are delivered semi-finished.
  • Delivery is within 2 years of contracting.

For more available installment and payment systems in Compound Jedar 6 October Click Here

Project Video Compound Jedar 6 October Video

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Project Facilities Facilities and Services in Compound Jedar 6 October

Services in Jedar IWAN Developments
Services in Jedar IWAN Developments

Jedar Compound 6 October is an integrated residential community in every way, as it contains all the facilities and services that residents may need. Compound Jedar IWAN Developments has taken into account the comfort of its clients by providing them with the following amenities:

  • Compound Jedar October has a commercial area, to provide a space for shopping within the compound.
  • In Jedar Compound 6 October, the most famous international restaurants and brands are available so that residents can get all they need easily.
  • You can find educational nurseries at the highest level in Jedar 6 October Compound, to provide a suitable space for children’s education.
  • There are security and guarding services available throughout the day in Jedar IWAN Development, to achieve safety among the residents.
  • Jedar Compound October includes the latest surveillance cameras that monitor all details to increase the compound’s security level.
  • A social club that includes a gym, spa, and sauna available in Compound Jedar 6 October, to provide space for luxury and relaxation among residents.
  • There is a sports club that includes various games so that the residents can play the sports they want in Jedar Compound 6 October.
  • Compound Jedar 6 October contains green spaces and landscapes, which give Jedar Compound an aesthetic look.
  • You can find swimming pools at the highest level in Jedar Compound 6 October, to provide the appropriate space for lovers of this sport to practice easily.
  • In Compound Jedar October, there is a large garage for parking cars, with surveillance cameras, to provide the necessary protection.
  • There are ATMs Compound Jedar 6 October, to facilitate financial transactions within Jedar Compound.
  •  You cand find walking and cycling paths in Compound Jedar 6 October so that lovers of this sport can practice them conveniently.
  • Jedar Compound 6 October includes the necessary medical care, which is represented in clinics, pharmacies, and laboratories.
  • Maintenance and cleaning services are available in Jedar Compound 6 October, that work 24/7.

Project Advantages Advantages of Compound Jedar 6 October

Jedar Compound 6 October includes all the features that make it an ideal opportunity for those looking for a high-end residential community, as it is located in the heart of the 6th of October, and is characterized by diversity in unit spaces, distinctive prices, and convenient installment plans. Jedar IWAN Developments provides residents with facilities and services that make life easier.

Disadvantages of Jedar Compound 6 October

Despite the advantages mentioned about Compound Jedar 6 October, some may believe that Jedar project offers only villas for sale, while some may want to get apartments, but Jedar Compound 6 October has provided villas with suitable spaces to satisfy all tastes.

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IWAN Developments is a real estate company with extensive experience of up to 15 years and a wide portfolio of residential, commercial, and administrative projects, and it has been able to prove its worth within the real estate market in Egypt by winning the trust of clients. IWAN Developments’ projects are characterized by large areas and ideal locations.

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