Project Capital Tower October

Mall Capital Tower October
Mall Capital Tower October

Capital Hills Developments has unveiled its new project, Capital Tower October مول كابيتال تاور اكتوبر, following a series of successful projects in the New Capital and October that have captivated customers and become iconic landmarks in the real estate sector. Capital Tower 6 October stands features a prime location, diverse spaces, competitive prices, and flexible installment plans.


Project Site Location of Capital Mall October

Capital Hills boasts a rich real estate history, having executed numerous projects in 6 October. Its vast experience has assisted in acquiring an ideal location for Capital Tower October, directly on Gamal Abdel Nasser axis connecting October to Sheikh Zayed. Therefore, all the landmarks of 6 October will be proximate to Capital Mall October.

Adjacent to the project Landmarks Near Capital Hills Project

  • Mall Capital Tower October is located behind Mall of Arabia and Shooting Club.
  • Waslet Dahshur Road is a short distance from the tower.
  • Capital Hills project can be accessed easily through Al Wahat Road, Al Mehwar Al Markazi, and 26th of July Corridor.
  • Various residential compounds, such as Ever West 6 October Compound and Badya Palm Hills Compound, are proximate to Capital Mall October.

Project Design Design of Capital Tower 6 October

Design of Capital Tower 6 October
Design of Capital Tower 6 October

Mall Capital Tower features a spectacular design, created by the renowned IEC International Engineering Consultancy which has produced several impressive designs for towers in the New Capital. Capital Towers Capital Hills consists of 5 colossal commercial towers with a facade extending along Gamal Abdel Nasser axis, covering an area up to 100 m2 each.

Capital Mall October extends over 3,200 m2, with a significant portion dedicated to artificial lakes and landscaping. This ensures that all units have wonderful views. The main tower, Capital Tower 1 October, consists of a ground floor and 6 upper floors, accommodating commercial, administrative, medical, and hotel units. The distribution of units is as follows:

  • The ground and 1st floors are allocated for commercial shops.
  • Medical clinics are available on the 2nd and 3rd floors.
  • Administrative offices occupy the 4th floor.
  • The 5th and 6th floors contain hotel apartments and units for sale.

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Project Area Spaces of Units in Capital Tower 1 October

Capital Hills has smartly divided the interior spaces of Capital Tower 6 October, and this division is based on an in-depth study of customer requirements. The medical clinics are designed with spaces flexible enough to accommodate medical equipment and ensure ease of movement. The spaces of both medical clinics and administrative offices start from 29 m2.

In contrast, the hotel units, which require a higher degree of luxury tailored to guest needs, start from 59 m2 in Capital Tower 1 October. The commercial units have the smallest spaces starting from 23 m2. These specifications highlight the developer’s attention to detail, aligning with the latest international standards.

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Project Prices Mall Capital Tower October Prices 2024

Panoramic View of Capital Towers
Panoramic View of Capital Towers

Besides presenting an exceptional location for investment, Capital Hills offers competitive prices starting from 2,711,125 EGP in Capital Tower October to attract the largest number of clients to buy units for sale. To achieve affordability, Capital Hills offers a reasonable price per meter of units in Capital Mall October, and here are more details:

  • Commercial units in Capital Tower 1 October were launched at competitive selling prices, making it an ideal investment opportunity.
  • Meanwhile, the price per meter for Administrative offices in Capital Tower 1 October is equal to the price per meter for clinics in Capital Tower 1 October, both of which are affordable for most investors.
  • Additionally, the prices for hotel apartments in Capital Tower Capital Hills are very competitive.

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Project Installment Installment Plans for Capital Tower Capital Hills

One of the significant features of Capital Mall October is its comfortable booking and installment systems. Capital Hills Development is giving a chance to every investor to effortlessly book a unit for sale and start his success journey by selecting one of Capital Tower 1 October installment plans:

  • 10% down payment and installments over 5 years.
  • 15% down payment and the rest is divided over 6 years in installments.
  • 20% down payment and the remaining amount is paid in installments over 7 years.
  • 25% down payment and installments over 8 years.
  • 30% down payment and a 9-year installment

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Project Capital Tower 4 October

Capital Tower 4 October
Capital Tower 4 October

Capital Hills Developments has launched a new phase of Capital Tower October, named Capital Tower 4. This phase offers commercial units at an ideal price, situated directly on Gamal Abdel Nasser Axis. The commercial shops are available with areas starting from 19 m2 + an additional 13 m2 of external space, with prices starting from 4,433,333 EGP.

Additionally, Capital Hills introduces a flexible installment system to encourage customers to buy units in Capital Tower 4. This system starts with a 15% down payment, followed by installments extending up to 9 years. There are also launch discounts up to 15%. This phase features a cinema complex, paddle courts, a kids’ area, and a splendid view of the plaza.

Project Video Video of Capital Tower 6 October

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Project Facilities Services and Facilities of Mall Capital Tower

Units of Capital Tower Capital Hills
Units of Capital Tower Capital Hills

Capital Hills Developments aims to transfer its expertise from the advanced projects in the New Capital to October through its project, Mall Capital Tower October. This transfer will bring first-of-its-kind services and technologies to October. Some of the standout features of Capital Tower October include:

  • The tower is equipped with electronic gates designed to prevent congestion during both entry and exit points.
  • Mall Capital Tower 6 October employs a smart control system, ensuring a comfortable experience for both unit owners and visitors.
  • Electric escalators and panoramic elevators are provided in the mall to facilitate movement between the building’s floors.
  • Capital Hills project houses a variety of cafes and restaurants, catering to all tastes and preferences for both residents and guests.
  • The commercial units in Capital Tower October features renowned global brands, offering an elite shopping experience.
  • High-speed internet networks are available in the project, enabling unit owners to accomplish their tasks swiftly.
  • The mall contains upscale meeting rooms for conducting professional meetings.
  • Financial transactions are made seamless through the presence of ATMs in the tower.
  • Maintenance and cleaning teams are constantly at work in Mall Capital Tower October, ensuring the facilities consistently operate at peak performance.

Project Advantages Features of Capital Mall October

Façade of Capital Tower October
Façade of Capital Tower October

Capital Tower Capital Hills offers a prime strategic location directly on Gamal Abdel Nasser axis, complemented by world-class designs. Additionally, units are offered with spaces suitable for various activities, affordable prices and captivating views overlooking landscaped gardens. These features ensure the success of Capital Tower 1 October, especially since it serves numerous upscale residential compounds in October and Sheikh Zayed.

Drawbacks of Capital Tower 6 October

While Capital Tower October possesses advantages that make it the number one project in October, some individuals still have reservations about investing in multi-activity projects. However, such projects have proven their global success, given that the consistent traffic throughout the day contributes to the prosperity of all mall activities. Moreover, the separation of different activities across floors reduces congestion concerns.

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Capital Hills Developments is known for its unique vision in residential and commercial projects. It offers diverse options for residents, businessmen, and investors, showcasing modern designs in prime locations with competitive prices for units and convenient installment systems. Established by Mr. Mohamed Salah Abdel Qader, Capital Hills has become a benchmark in Egypt‘s real estate development sector.

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