Apartment Compound Compound 205 Sheikh Zayed

Compound 205 Sheikh Zayed
Compound 205 Sheikh Zayed

Compound 205 Sheikh Zayed كمبوند 205 الشيخ زايد is the latest project of Arkan Palm Developments, beginning a series of mega projects by the union of two large entities, Arkan Developments, and Palm Hills Developments. They are keen on providing competitive prices, various spaces of units, perfect finishes, services, and facilities.


Project Site Location of Compound 205 Zayed

205 Compound is located in the heart of Sheikh Zayed, on the 26th of July Corridor. Compound 205 project apartments have a direct view of the rivers and lakes in 205 Compound, to provide residents of Canal Walk Island with peace and beauty. The important landmarks near Compound 205 Sheikh Zayed are in the following section.

Adjacent to the project Nearby Places to 205 Compound

  • 205 Compound is 1 km away from the Central Axis.
  • 205 Arkan Palm Developments is located 5 km away from Al-Bustan road.
  • Only an hour and a half separate Compound 205 Project from the New Capital.
  • Compound 205 Sheikh Zayed is a 45-minute drive from Greater Cairo.
  • 205 Arkan Palm Developments is also a few minutes away from Zed Sheikh Zayed Compound.

Project Design Design of Compound 205 Project

Buildings in 205 Compound
Buildings in 205 Compound

Compound 205 Sheikh Zayed provides apartments and duplexes of varying sizes, along with a group of hotel apartments from Crowne Plaza Hotel, a subsidiary of Intercontinental Group. 205 Compound is designed by Raef Fahmy, a well-known architect who is keen to design 205 Compound in a modern style with dazzling details like double entrances, insulating walls, and hotel finishes.

205 Compound provides the most advanced smart home system in the world, and the units are delivered with central air conditioning, kitchens, and a storage room. They also did not forget to provide parking spaces according to the number of bedrooms in the unit.

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Project Area Area of Compound 205 Sheikh Zayed

Apartments in Compound 205
Apartments in Compound 205

Compound 205 Sheikh Zayed extends over 205 acres, with 21 hotel apartment buildings of Crowne Plaza Hotel built on 50 acres. They have also combined 205 Compound with an administrative complex, an international hospital, and a clinic complex. 205 Compound has taken into account the establishment of an international school, entertainment centers, and the 1.5 km long Arkan Avenue.

Apartment Spaces 205 Sheikh Zayed

205 Arkan Palm Developments has provided varying apartment spaces for the units for sale, similar to the sizes of villas in other compounds. If you would like a large apartment, Compound 205 Zayed is the right place for you, especially since 205 Compound unit prices are competitive. The areas of the units for sale at 205 Compound project are:

  • 1 Bedroom: The apartment spaces start from 108 up to 122 m².
  • 2 Bedrooms: Spaces start from 131 up to 179 m².
  • 3 Bedrooms: Area ranges from 173 to 253 m².
  • 2 Bedrooms (Duplex): Duplex spaces start from 155 .
  • 3 Bedrooms (Duplex): Spaces start from 255 up to 320 m².

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Project Prices Compound 205 Sheikh Zayed Prices 2023

Commercial Area in 205 Project
Commercial Area in 205 Project

Arkan Palm Developments has ensured that Compound 205 prices match the prices of booking villas in other compounds, to guarantee that clients can enjoy a luxurious life and complete services and facilities for prices per meter that are not exaggerated. 205 Compound unit prices are affordable and suitable for the services and facilities gained by buying the units for sale. Units prices in 205 Compound start from 5,100,000 EGP.

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Project Installment 205 Compound Installments and Payment Plans

Rooms in 205 Compound Apartments
Rooms in 205 Compound Apartments

Arkan Palm Developments provided payment plans for buying the units for sale at Compound 205 project, with installments for up to 7 years. 205 Compound down payment starts as low as 5%, so clients should hurry up and book their unit during the launch period if they would like to have a luxurious lifestyle in Sheikh Zayed.

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Project Facilities Services and Facilities in Compound 205 Sheikh Zayed

Cafes and Restaurants in 205 Arkan Palm Developments
Cafes and Restaurants in 205 Arkan Palm Developments

205 Compound Sheikh Zayed has been keen to provide many services and facilities to make 205 Compound distinguished and unique from other Sheikh Zayed compounds. So they have taken into account the needs of residents, whether administrative, commercial, or residential needs as well as the aspect of entertainment.

  • 205 Compound Sheikh Zayed offers 4 elevators for residents and a service elevator that works with the latest technology.
  • Compound 205 project is equipped with special offices to receive clients for service activities.
  • 205 Arkan Palm Developments announced the establishment of 3 clubhouses to serve 205 Compound and provide the highest level of luxury to the client.
  • 205 Compound Sheikh Zayed offers a health club that serves the residents of 205 Compound 24 hours a day.
  • A gym that includes the latest equipment for sports enthusiasts.
  • Dedicated meeting rooms equipped with the latest display and sound systems.
  • Compound 205 Zayed offers cinemas to show the latest films.
  • Swimming pools are suitable for those young and old, whether closed or open.
  • Kids Area to provide full care for children inside Compound 205.
  • One of the most prominent features of 205 Compound is that it offers a garage that accommodates more than 36,000 cars.
  • 205 Compound Sheikh Zayed offers a Home Automation system, which connects all home appliances to facilitate their control.
  • An international school that offers the best educational system, while providing all the services and means to achieve the best student experience.
  • A hospital equipped at the highest level with the latest technology.
  • A highly trained 24-hour security and guarding system.
  • A tourist walkway overlooking gardens and green spaces that are wonderful and dazzling.

Project Advantages Features of 205 Compound Sheikh Zayed

205 Compound Sheikh Zayed offers many features, like its strategic location in Sheikh Zayed. Canal Walk Island units have the best views, and 205 Arkan Palm Developments has also provided installment plans for up to 7 years. Additionally, 205 Compound Sheikh Zayed offers various spaces for their apartments and duplexes, while also providing services and facilities to satisfy the clients.

Disadvantages of Compound 205 Sheikh Zayed

People may think the lack of villas in 205 Compound Sheikh Zayed is a defect, however, apartment and duplex spaces in Compound 205 project may reach 320 m2, which is comparable to the size of some villas in other compounds. 205 Arkan Palm Developments have confirmed that residents will enjoy complete privacy while gaining the benefits of a villa.

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Company Previous Work About Arkan Palm Developments

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