Project Three Square Tower

Three Square Tower New Capital
Three Square Tower New Capital

If you would like to start investing in New Capital, there are many projects you can invest in, but finding an administrative tower in the Financial District is hard. In its new project, Three Square Tower New Capital ثري سكوير تاور العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة, Dominar Developments offers distinguished administrative units for sale at competitive prices per meter.

But what distinguishes 3 Square Tower rather than any other project? There are many advantages you can’t find anywhere else, starting from the strategic location and elegant designs to various spaces, convenient installment systems, and services, more details you can find in the article.


Project Site The Location of Three Square Tower New Capital

3 Square Tower is located in a golden location in the Financial District in front of the Housing and Development Bank on Ministries Street, and it is close to many high-end residential places such as the Seventh District, the Eighth District, and the Third District, which guarantees a high return on investment.

Adjacent to the project Notable Places Closed to 3 Square Tower

  • Three Square Tower New Capital is close to Regional Ring Rd, which will make you close to many places.
  • Near the Government District and the Diplomatic District, you can find Dominar Project.
  • It takes minutes to reach Three Square Business Tower from the Green River and the Iconic Tower.
  • A few minutes is the distance between Dominar Project and Capital International Airport.
  • 3 Square Business Tower is close to Mall 5 Business Hub New Capital and Mall Sixty Three New Capital.

Project Design 3 Square Tower Dominar Design

Three Square Business Units
Three Square Business Units

Three Square Business Tower is an architectural masterpiece that will attract you once you see it, which is the goal of Dominar Developments since it started planning for the project, so it has assigned Eng Yasser El-Beltagy, who has a golden portfolio in real estate, to design Three Business Tower.

But why Three Square Business Tower has been called by this name? it contains 3 towers with shiny glass facades. 3 Square Business Tower is distinguished by its elegant interior designs and well internal structure, which make you feel comfortable inside the project.

It is worth noting that Three Square Project consists of a ground floor and 7 upper floors, with a total of 370 administrative units and offices; which will meet your investment needs in addition to providing all services and facilities that will facilitate your work. And, Dominar Developments has assigned management and operation missions to Enova.

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Project Area What Are the Spaces of Three Square Business Tower?

On an area of 5,100 m2, you can find 3 Square Business Tower, which has been used well to meet the needs of investors who look for limited or large spaces integrated with a wide range of facilities and services. Three Square units’ spaces start from 41 m2.

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Project Prices Three Square Tower Prices 2024 

The View of Three Square Tower
The View of Three Square Tower

Dominar Developments is keen to provide its clients with all means of comfort, so it has provided competitive prices per meter to avoid putting more financial burdens on its clients. So, you will find Three Square unit prices are unbeatable starting from 3,075,000 EGP, thanks to the 10% discount on the launch.

Three Square Mall New Capital is distinguished by providing a return on Three Square down payment, which is a feature that you can’t find in the other projects of New Capital. Also, you can find additional discounts of up to 28%, and the units will be delivered within 3 years of contracting.

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Project Installment Three Square Mall Installments Methods

Dominar Developments has already started executing Three Square Business Tower to achieve your investment dreams of a golden strategic location, unique internal divisions, competitive prices, and convenient installments system, so you can find that Three Square down payment starts from 10% with a long-term payment period of up to 12 years.

You can also pay 20,000 EGP as an EOI, and in case you change your mind, you would get it without any deductions, so you don’t need to worry about any risks you may face, as Dominar Developments has removed all the obstacles you may face during your purchase of the units in Three Square Tower.

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Project Video The Video of Three Square Mall New Capital

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Project Facilities Three Square Tower Services & Facilities

Facades of Three Square Tower New Capital
Facades of Three Square Tower New Capital

The features of Mall Three Square New Capital are not limited to the strategic location, elegant designs, and various spaces, but it also has a wide range of facilities and services to guarantee you an excellent experience inside Three Square Tower, so facilities of the tower as follows:

  • Mall Three Square New Capital has vast Green Spaces and Water Bodies to provide the best panoramic view for all units.
  • There are many Elevators and Escalators to facilitate movement within Three Square Mall New Capital.
  • You can practice inside Mall Three Square New Capital thanks to the Gym that has been provided by Dominar Developments which is equipped at the highest level.
  • There are many Meeting Rooms and Conference Halls inside Three Square Tower, where you can hold your meetings easily.
  • Three Square Tower contains Smoking Areas in open spaces for smokers.
  • The well-known management company, Enova, is responsible for the operation of Three Square Tower.
  • Three Square Tower features Central Air Conditioning, Central Shower, and fast Wi-Fi.
  • Dominar Developments uses clean Solar Energy to preserve the environment in Three Square Tower.
  • There are Security Services and the latest Surveillance Equipment that works throughout the day for your safety.
  • A Large Garage is provided in Three Square Tower, where you can park your car easily.
  • You can find Cafes and Restaurants that serve the most delicious food and drinks inside Three Square Tower.

Project Advantages The Pros of Three Square Tower

Panoramic View of Three Square Tower
Panoramic View of Three Square Tower

One of the advantages of Three Square Tower is its professionalism by assigning its management and operation mission to Enova, in addition to the strategic location of Three Square Tower, competitive prices, and installment system that is up to 12 years.

The Cons of Three Square Tower

Some may see that the location of Three Square Tower in New Capital may be a defect, but there is no doubt that the New Capital is the future, where you will guarantee a high return on investment. Also, thanks to the huge road network and the Monorail, it would be easy to move from and to the New Capital.

Project's Brochure Three Square Tower Brochure

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Company Previous Work About Dominar Developments

Dominar Developments is a well-established company that has great experience, in construction and real estate development, for more than 49 years, as it started its business in 1973, and the company has proven its excellence in all projects that it established.

Dominar Developments Portfolio:

  • Buildings in Helwan.
  • Tora Prison.
  • Police institute buildings.
  • Merryland buildings.
  • More than 12 towers in Maadi.
  • More than 65 villas in Fifth Settlement.

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