Shopping Mall Inizio ​​Mall New Capital

Inizio ​​Mall New Administrative Capital
Inizio ​​Mall New Capital

Inizio Mall New Capital project (انيزيو مول) is considered one of the huge projects in New Capital. This commercial edifice was established by Karma Real Estate Company, with investments amounting to 500 million Egyptian pounds, while the commercial units of Inizio New Capital are distinguished by a featured location, among the most vital areas in the New Capital.

Therefore, owning a store in the ​​mall is considered a golden opportunity for entrepreneurs, so let’s get to know the units, spaces, and prices of Inizio Mall.


Project SiteInizio Mall Site on New Administrative Capital

Where exactly is the mall located? The location of Inizio Mall is considered a strategic one, as Karma Real Estate Development Company has chosen a distinct location for the project in the most important neighborhoods of the New Administrative Capital.

The mall is located in the financial and business district, which includes a group of huge edifices in the world of finance, such as the Central Bank of Egypt and the banking complex in CS13 block.

Adjacent to the project Places nearby Inizio Mall New Capital

  • The mall is a short distance from the Opera House and Al Massa Hotel.
  • The project is located near the stock exchange towers and the funicular.
  • The mall is located next to the Central Bank of Egypt and the commercial banking complex.
  • Inizio ​​Mall of Karma Company is 10 minutes away from the central transportation station.
  • It is about half an hour from the Administrative Capital Airport.

Project Design Inizio ​​New Capital Design

Inizio ​​Mall Project Administrative Capital
Inizio ​​Mall Project New Capital

The design of the mall is characterized by sophistication and luxury, so it is likely that it will be a haven for those who love to invest in engineering elegance. The models of the mall include administrative and medical units of different sizes. Karma company has allowed reserving Inizio Mall units with varying designs and spaces to satisfy all customers.

The internal and external designs of the medical units differ from the administrative units, as the units are designed as follows:

  • Marble floors and calm decorations were used for the medical units.
  • Marble floors, granite and wood are used for the administrative units.
  • The medical units were separated from the administrative units, to be completely separated from medical units, which provides patients with the required comfort.
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Project Spaces Space of Inizio Mall New Capital

Design of Inizio Mall units
Design of Inizio Mall units

The total area of ​​Inizio ​​Mall is about 10,400 m2, while the building area is 4,900 m2. About 70% of the mall area is green spaces and landscapes. The mall consists of a ground floor and seven floors. it also has a ground garage that is available for 120 cars, to accommodate large numbers of customers who will come on a daily basis.

The number of units in the mall, whether medical units or commercial stores are 188 units, at a rate of 26 units on each floor. The spaces of the mall start from 34 m2 and reaches 1268 m2, and the units’ space is divided as follows:

  • Inizio Mall commercial units’ area ranging between 34 m2 to 75 m2.
  • The areas of the ground units range from 220 m2 to 1268 m2.
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Project Prices Prices of Inizio Mall New Capital 2023

Medical units at Inizio Mall
Medical units at Inizio Mall

The prices of Inizio Mall New Capital’s units are competitive in the first place, as the location of the mall guarantees the success of the investor. Besides, the price of the units will be suitable for his needs, as the price per meter in Inizio Mall ranges between 28,000 EGP and up to 37,400 EGP. As for the prices of medical units and shops in Inizio Mall, they start from 1,000,000 EGP.

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Project Installment Reservation Systems of Inizio Mall, New Capital

Administrative units in Inizio ​​Mall
Administrative units in Inizio ​​Mall

There are multiple reservation systems for the mall’s units in order to suit all categories. Let us know how to obtain a store in Inizio Mall in installments by reviewing the different reservation systems of the mall’s units that are available for sale:

  • The 1st system: Paying 10% of the unit’s cost upon reservation, 10% upon receipt, and the rest over 8 years.
  • The 2nd system: Paying 15% of the unit’s price upon reservation, 10% upon receipt, and the rest over 9 years.

When buying available units for sale in installments in Inizio Mall, a maintenance deposit of 10% is paid. Notice that obtaining units at the mall in installments makes the booking process easier than any other investment project, even if it is a start-up project. As the prices of Inizio Mall stores are competitive and distinctive relative to its location in the New Capital.

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فيديو المشروع Inizio Mall New Capital Video

Project Facilities Facilities and Services of Inizio Mall New Capital

Inizio Mall Cafes
Inizio Mall Cafes

Together, we review the facilities and services provided by Inizio Mall units, whether commercial or medical, to the investor:

  • The mall stores are fully air-conditioned because that the project is equipped with central air conditioning, to ensure the comfort of customers and workers in the mall.
  • Parking garage with a capacity of 120 cars.
  • A full-service sports gym for the mall’s visitors and workers.
  • kitchenette on every floor of the mall provides hotel services at the highest level to serve Inizio units.
  • Toilets equipped with high-end designs and at the highest level on every floor for men, women, and people with special needs.
  • Booking Inizio Mall New Capital units will ensure cleaning services at the highest level on each floor and unit.
  • The mall provides a room for the garbage and waste collection of the units.
  • There is a roof that includes a restaurant and a cafeteria.
  • A dedicated meeting center equipped to the highest standard.
  • 5 elevators to ensure customer comfort.
  • Mall offers 2 prayer rooms for men and women on the roof and ground floors.
  • 70% of Inizio Mall’s public building is powered by solar energy.

Project's Brochure Brochure of Inizio Mall

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Company Previous Work Karma Developments, Owner of Inizio Mall Project

Inizio Mall, the Administrative Capital
Inizio Mall, the Administrative Capital

Inizio Mall New Administrative Capital, is not the first project of Karma Real Estate Development Company. Inizio Mall New Capital project may be the jewel in the crown of the company. It is an Egyptian joint stock company established in 2015 for investment and real estate marketing in Egypt and the Arab countries.

Previous Projects of Karma Real Estate

  • Northern lotus project, 5th settlement, block 54.
  • Carnation project, Fifth Settlement, plot 73.
  • The American University Project, Fifth Settlement, Block 42.
  • Al-Andalus Project, Fifth Settlement, Plot 443, Plot 477, and Plot 585.
  • Beit Al Watan Project, Fifth Settlement, Block C6, Block 621.

Project Advantages Advantages of Inizio Mall New Capital Project

Office units in Inizio ​​Mall
Office units in Inizio ​​Mall

The advantages of Inizio Mall New Capital units and stores lie in the strategic location near many of New Capital’s landmarks, such as Central Bank, the Presidential Palace, and the green spaces near the mall, besides the facilities and services provided by Inizio New Capital stores. Also, there are multiple purchasing systems for units in the mall, enabling the customer to choose the best.

Project Disadvantages Disadvantages of Inizio Mall New Capital

The disadvantages of Inizio Mall project are that it is located in the Administrative Capital, and some think that it is far from Cairo, but the Administrative Capital is a new independent capital, and that was already solved by establishing an infrastructure and transportation system targeting those who want to go from or to the New Capital and the other cities in the shortest time possible.

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