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Inizio Mall New Capital
Inizio Mall New Capital

Inizio Mall New Capital انيزيو مول العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة stands as a premier project, masterfully crafted by Karma Developments with an investment of 500 Mn EGP. Its commercial units boast a prime location amidst New Capital’s vital areas, making ownership a golden opportunity for entrepreneurs. Let’s explore the units, spaces, and prices of Inizio Mall.


Project Site Location of Inizio Mall Karma

Inizio Mall enjoys a strategic location, handpicked by Karma Development in one of the most important districts of New Capital. Nestled in the Financial and Business District, this area hosts financial giants like Central Bank of Egypt and Banking Complex on plot CS13, positioning the mall at the heart of economic activity.

Adjacent to the project Nearby Landmarks to Mall Inizio New Capital

  • A short distance separates Inizio Mall New Capital from Opera House and Al Masa Hotel.
  • Mall Inizio New Capital is conveniently located near Stock Exchange Towers and monorail.
  • It is situated next to Central Bank of Egypt and commercial banks complex.
  • Inizio New Capital Mall is just 10 minutes journey from central transport station.
  • The mall is about 30 minutes’ drive from Capital International Airport.
  • It is also close to key shopping centers in New Capital, such as Mall Two Towers New Capital and Mall Vision Tower New Capital.

Project Design Design of Inizio New Capital Mall

Mall Inizio New Capital
Mall Inizio New Capital

Inizio Mall’s design exudes elegance and luxury, likely making it a haven for investors who appreciate architectural sophistication. Featuring variously sized administrative and medical units, Karma Developments, the developer, offers diverse designs and spaces in Inizio New Capital Mall to satisfy all clients.

The interior and exterior designs of the medical units differ from the administrative ones, as the units were designed as follows:

  • Marble flooring and serene decorations were chosen for the medical units.
  • The administrative units feature marble floors, with granite and wood decorations.
  • The medical units of Mall Inizio New Capital are completely separated from the administrative ones, providing patients with the necessary tranquility.

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Project Spaces Areas of Inizio Mall New Capital

Mall Inizio New Capital spans approximately 10,400 m², with the built-up area covering 4,900 m². Around 70% of the mall is dedicated to green spaces and landscaping. The mall consists of a ground floor plus 7 stories and includes a ground-level garage that accommodates 120 cars, designed to welcome a large daily influx of customers.

Mall Inizio New Capital houses a total of 188 units, including medical and retail spaces, averaging 26 units per floor. Spaces of units in Inizio Mall range from 48 to 1268 m². The distribution of unit sizes is as follows:

  • Retail and commercial unit sizes vary from 48 to 75 m².
  • Ground floor unit sizes range between 220 and 1268 m².

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Project Prices Prices of Mall Inizio New Capital 2024

Offices of Inizio New Capital Mall
Offices of Inizio New Capital Mall

Unit prices in Inizio Mall New Capital are primarily competitive, ensuring investors’ success due to the mall’s location and the units’ pricing tailored to their needs. Price per meter of units varies according to unit size, ranging from 75,000 EGP. Prices of medical and commercial units in Inizio Mall start from 3,700,000 EGP.

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Project Installment Payment Plan and Installment Methods of Inizio Mall Karma

Inizio Mall Zaytoun Developments
Inizio Mall Zaytoun Developments

Inizio New Capital Mall offers multiple reservation systems to suit all categories. Let’s explore how to acquire a shop in Inizio Mall in installments, as well as review all available booking systems for units on sale in Inizio Mall Zaytoun.

  • 10% down payment, another 10% upon receipt, with the balance spread over 8 years.
  • 15% of the unit price at booking, 10% on receipt, and the remainder over 9 years.
  • For units purchased in installments, a 10% maintenance deposit is required.

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فيديو المشروع Video of Inizio New Capital Mall

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Project Facilities Facilities and Services of Inizio Mall New Capital

Meeting Rooms in Inizio Mall
Meeting Rooms in Inizio Mall

Let’s explore the array of facilities and services provided by Mall Inizio Karma’s units, whether commercial or medical units for sale, to investors. Offering a comprehensive look, we delve into the amenities that make each unit a valuable asset for business ventures.

  • All units and shops are fully air-conditioned, featuring central air conditioning to ensure the comfort of customers and staff.
  • A dedicated parking garage accommodating up to 120 cars is available in Inizio Mall New Capital.
  • A fully serviced gym is provided for visitors and employees in Inizio Mall Zaytoun.
  • There is an office on each floor offering top-tier hospitality services.
  • Elegantly designed restrooms are included on every floor for men, women, and individuals with disabilities.
  • Booking at Inizio Mall guarantees top-level cleanliness, with cleaning services available for floors and units.
  • A designated room is provided for the collection of garbage and waste from the units.
  • Mall Inizio Zaytoun features a rooftop with a restaurant and cafeteria.
  • A high-end meeting center is available in Mall Inizio Karma for conducting meetings.
  • 5 elevators are included in Inizio Mall to ensure customer convenience.
  • 2 prayer rooms are offered for men and women on the rooftop and ground floor.
  • 70% of Mall Inizio Zaytoun’s overall building operates on solar energy, emphasizing the use of clean energy sources.

Project Advantages Privileges of Mall Inizio New Capital

Medical Units of Inizio New Capital Mall
Medical Units of Inizio New Capital Mall

The allure of Inizio Mall Karma’s units and shops for sale lies in their strategic location near key New Capital landmarks like Central Bank and Presidential Palace, complemented by nearby green spaces. Additionally, the mall boasts a plethora of facilities and services. With diverse purchasing plans, clients have the flexibility to choose the best option for them.

Drawbacks of Inizio New Capital Mall

Mall Inizio Karma’s perceived disadvantage is its location in New Capital, thought by some to be far from Cairo. However, New Capital is an independent entity, and this concern has been addressed by developing an infrastructure and transportation network aimed at facilitating swift and easy movement to and from New Capital.

Project's Brochure Brochure of Mall Inizio New Capital

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Company Previous Work About Karma Developments

Inizio Mall Karma
Inizio Mall Karma

Inizio Mall New Capital is not Karma Developments’ first venture, yet it may be considered the company’s crowning achievement. Established in 2015, Karma is an Egyptian joint-stock company focused on investment and real estate marketing in Egypt and Arab countries. Let’s delve deeper into Karma’s proud portfolio in the real estate market.

Previous projects by Karma Developments:

  • North Lotus project, Fifth Settlement, Plot 54.
  • El Koronfel project, Fifth Settlement, Plot 73.
  • The American University, Fifth Settlement, Plot 42.
  • Andalus project, Fifth Settlement, Plots 443, 477, and 585.
  • Bait El Watan New Cairo, Plots C6 and 621.

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