I Business Park New Administrative Capital, and Project Prices

Project I Business Park Towers, New Administrative Capital

I Business Park Capital Project
I Business Park New Capital Project

I Business Park Towers project (ابراج اي بيزنس بارك) is the first 3 smart towers in the heart of the Egyptian New Capital with Emirati experience. It is a strong real estate investment option for everyone aspiring to obtain housing and investment at the same time.

We will explain in detail the project units and prices of I Business Park Mall New Capital, besides the payment systems provided to the various units, spaces, services, and privileges.

Project Site Where is I Business Park Towers?

The New Administrative Capital remains as one of the best options in that period in Egypt for real estate investment, as it is considered by many as the next future of Egypt, that’s why the owner company has chosen the location of I Business New Capital to be in the heart of the New Capital in the Downtown Square in Mu3-21 plot. The company has chosen an ideal location on Bin Zayed Axis and the Green River directly, to make the investment opportunity as good as possible.

Adjacent to the project Adjacent places to i Business Park New Capital

  • I Business Park Towers New Capital is just a few steps away from Al Masa Hotel.
  • The project is located facing the iconic tower, which is the tallest tower on the continent of Africa.
  • It is about half an hour’s drive from the Cairo International Airport.
  • It is located near the ministries district and the presidential palace.
  • You find i Business Park New Capital near the Monorail station.
  • It is a few minutes drive from the International Expo City.
  • Approximately half an hour’s drive to New Cairo.

Project Design I Business Park Towers Design, New Capital

The distinctive design of I Business Park has made the towers a clear investment sign in the sky of real estate development in Egypt. it consists of 3 separate smart towers at a height of 20 floors, but connected to each other by a podium of 3 floors. I Business Park Towers brand name reflected an exceptional identity for the idea of advanced investment projects.

– The letter “i” indicates to the first letters of those words (Innovation, Investment and Internationalization).

– In addition to that, it also symbolizes the number “1” in the Latin language, to classify the project as being on the top of the real estate projects in terms of luxury, quality and sophistication.

– If we look at the letter “i”, it indicates that the towers follow the latest and smartest technological methods.

Types of Units in i Business Park Towers

I Business Park Design, New Capital
I Business Park Towers Design, New Capital

The units of I Business Park, which consists of three towers vary, each tower consists of 30 floors in addition to the ground floor, and all units come with a 360-degree facade. You can book i Business Park units and choose what suits your investment decision from the following units:

  • Commercial units and shops.
  • Medical Clinics.
  • Offices and administrative units.
  • Hotel Apartments.

Project Spaces Space of i Business Park, New Capital

I Business Park Towers New Capital was created on a total area of 21,450 m, and the buildings and units of the project were divided into a coordinated manner and were designed distinctively, the commercial units are available on the ground floor and the first floor, while the administrative and medical units are distributed from the fifth floor until the fourteenth floor.

  • The spaces of medical clinics in I Business Park start from 35 m2.
  • As for offices and administrative units, their areas start from 31 m2.
  • Commercial spaces in i Business Park start from 26 m2.

Project Prices Prices of i Business Park New Capital 2021

I Business Park units
I Business Park Mall units

I Business Park units are offered at competitive prices for customers, and you find the stores and units’ prices in i Business Park as follows:

The Meter’s Price in I Business Mall

  • The price of a meter for commercial units starts from 151,650 EGP.
  • The meter’s price in i Business Park for the administrative units starts from 35,370 EGP.
  • The price of a meter for medical units starts from 38,000 EGP.

I Business Mall Prices According to the Unit

  • The price of commercial units that start from 26 m2 starts from 3.12 million Egyptian pounds.
  • Offices and administrative units whose spaces start from 58 m2, their price starts from 2,200,000 EGP, including finishing with air conditioners.
  • The price of medical clinics that start from 31 m2 starts at 1,178,000 EGP, including finishing with air conditioners.

The prices of I Business Park may have changed, for the updated prices Click Here

Project Installment Installment Systems in I Business Park, New Capital

The owner company was keen to provide customers with multiple installment and payment methods for booking units and stores. The payment systems and facilitations are:

  • I Business Park units can be reserved by paying the reservation deposit of 5% and the number of installment years is 6 years in equal installments.
  • It is also possible to pay a reservation of 10% and the rest of the amount is paid in equal installments over 7 years.
  • A 20% downpayment can be paid and the rest of the amount is paid in equal installments over 8 years.
  • Paying a reservation deposit of 30% and the rest of the amount in installments over 10 years in equal installments.

The Delivery Date of I Business Park units

It should be noted that the administrative, commercial, medical clinics, and hotel apartments & units in I Business Park will be delivered after 3 years from the date of reservation and contracting, and as for finishing specifications in I Business New Capital, they are completely finished with air conditioners.

Project Facilities Facilities and Services of I Business New Capital

I Business Park services
I Business Park Towers services

i Business Park project provides all the units with a lot of services and facilities, which attract customers to the project from everywhere and ensure prosperity, luxury and sophistication, these services are:

  • Sports can be played in a specialized gym with the latest sports equipment.
  • There are international restaurants and cafes at the highest level of service.
  • i Business Park project is surrounded by spacious green spaces and beautiful views.
  • Maintaining a healthy life in a specialized spa center at the highest level.
  • Central air conditioning for the entire project.
  • Units in i Business Park that are available for sale in installments or cash have free internet.
  • 24/7 security and guarding, along with modern surveillance cameras distributed over the entire project.
  • There is also a garage parking that can accommodate a large number of cars.
  • It provides special entertainment places for more fun for children, ” Kids Area “.
  • The place is provided regular cleaning service all over the week.
  • ATM machines are available in the towers.
  • The project also contains an elevator equipped with all means of safety and protection.
  • Electronic gates to enter.
  • Various recreational activities such as sun terraces, mini-golf, and a theater.

Project Video I Business Park Towers New Capitals Video

Company Previous Work Previous Work of ARQA Company, the Founder

ARQA company, I Business Park
ARQA company, I Business Park New Capital

ARQA Real Estate Development Company was established in 2019 to participate in the current construction advancements in Egypt Headed by Eng. Helmy Abbas, Chairman of the Board of Directors. ARQA Development Group has announced its contract with one of the largest engineering consulting firms, in addition to a company to manage commercial, administrative and medical facilities in Egypt and the Arab world, represented in:

  • Consultant Hussein Sabbour for Engineering Consultancies (Sabbour Consulting) who participated in various projects and luxury hotels such as Four Seasons Hotel, Semiramis Intercontinental and Sofitel Al Jazeera.
  • The Commercial Property Management Company (KAD), which is famous for managing malls and commercial centers in various places.

Previous ARQA Company Projects

Engineer Helmy Abbas, owner of ARQA company, owns many other companies, including: The Pearl Group for Hospitals, Nakheel Egypt Contracting Company, Unique Pearl Group for Trade, in addition to his participation and supervision in many important projects in the UAE such as:

Abu Dhabi Corniche project.
The Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi project.
Al Raha Beach and Shams Abu Dhabi on Reem Island.

Project Advantages Advantages of i Business Park New Capital Project

I Business Park Project
I Business Park Project

I Business Park project New Administrative Capital has many advantages that qualify it to be one of the most investment projects favored by many investors, and the most important are the strategic location, its competitive prices for what is available from I Business New Capital units that are for sale in installments or in cash, and the easy access from and to the mall, with various spaces and with the perfectly engineered designs for commercial, administrative, medical units and hotel apartments.

Project Disadvantages Disadvantages of I Business Park New Capital

I Business Park Project, like any other project in the New Capital, is not limited to the advantages only, but it may have some flaws in the viewpoint of some people, as some customers see that the existence of such a project in the New Administrative Capital, is far from the center of the country, which is not desirable for them, especially in the current period, but in fact, the presence of the project in the heart of the Administrative Capital makes it an investment project, but its returns will not be at that same exact moment.

Project Information FAQ about I Business Park New Capital

What is the price per meter in I Business Park?

From 35,370 EGP and up to 151,650 EGP

What are the installment systems and payment methods?

Paying 5% as a reservation deposit and paying the rest of the amount in installments over a period of up to 10 years

What are the contact numbers for inquiries and reservations?


Who is the real estate developer company of the mall?

The most prestigious real estate development company

When will the delivery date of I Business Park New Capital be?

In 2023

Where are the towers located exactly?

In Down Town Square, in block Mu3-21

What are the different types of units in the mall?

Commercial, medical, offices & administrative units and hotel apartments

What are the areas of the units available for sale?

The space of I Business Mall New Capital commercial units and shops starts from 26 m, administrative and offices from 31 m, and medical and clinics from 35 m

What is the finishing system in I Business Towers New Capital?

The commercial units are delivered on red bricks, the medical and administrative units are fully finished

How much do prices start in Business Park New Capital?

Units prices start from 1,250,000 EGP

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