Project Clock Tower New Capital

Mall Clock Tower New Capital
Mall Clock Tower New Capital

Mall Clock Tower New Capital مول كلوك تاور العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة, under the supervision of Al Assema Real Estate, sets a remarkable example of integrated administrative projects in the Downtown area. Clock Mall offers a diverse range of attractive and modern office units with competitive prices. Additionally, Clock Tower creates a conducive work environment, empowering investment seekers to excel.


Project Site Location of Clock Mall

Situated at the heart of the renowned Business District in the New Capital, Clock Tower New Capital is directly situated against the Parliament and the Senators’ Buildings . Additionally, it is surrounded by important ministries, making its location truly exceptional among significant projects in the New Capital, such as Owagik Tower and Eins Tower.

Map of Clock Tower
Map of Clock Tower

Adjacent to the project Landmarks Close to Mall Clock Project

  • Clock Mall New Capital is only a few minutes away from the People’s Square and the Ministries District (250 m).
  • Al Fattah Al Aleem Mosque can be reached in 15 minutes from Mall Clock Tower.
  • The distance between Clock Tower and Al Masa Hotel is around 8 km.
  • A short distance separates the Presidential Palace from Mall Clock project.
  • Mall Clock Tower New Capital is easy to reach as it is 750 m away from the monorail station.
  • The Capital International Airport is located 4 km from Clock Mall.
  • Clock Tower New Capital is a short distance from Souq Al Dahab and the Government District.

Project Design Design of Mall Clock Tower New Capital

Mall Clock Tower Units
Mall Clock Tower Units

The distinguished architectural design makes Clock Tower New Capital a luxurious and sophisticated project. It features two distinct French-inspired buildings, with a massive clock as its prominent centerpiece, captivating visitors’ attention. Clock Mall is exclusively dedicated to administrative units for sale and offices, comprising a ground floor and 8 upper floors.

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Project Area Area of Clock Mall Al Assema

Al Assema Real Estate has constructed Mall Clock Tower New Capital on an area of 5,150 m2, with each building occupying a designated area of 2,575 m2. Clock Mall New Capital’s construction ratio is 40% of the total area, ensuring ample green spaces for breathtaking views. The space of office and administrative units start from 31 m2 in Clock Tower.

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Project Prices Clock Tower New Capital Prices 2024

The Façade of Clock Mall New Capital
The Façade of Clock Mall New Capital

The total price of units in Mall Clock Tower New Capital starts from 3,162,000 EGP. Moreover, exclusive discounts are offered during the launch period, including a 10% discount and a 22% cash discount, encouraging ambitious entrepreneurs to buy their units in the tower with precision.

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Project Installment Installment Systems in Mall Clock Tower New Capital

Al Assema Real Estate has made sure to provide a variety of payment systems for financing units in Clock Tower Mall, by making a low down payment and reasonable installments of the remaining amount over long periods. All units are delivered after 3 and a half years. The details of the payment systems for the units are as follows:

  • Payment systems for booking units in Clock Mall start from 10% down payment with a 5-year installment period.
  • It is also possible to make a 15% reservation down payment and install the remaining amount over 6 years.
  • Similarly, the units of Clock Tower can be booked with a 20% down payment and the rest of the amount paid over 7 years.

Unit Specifications and Finishes

Mall Clock Tower New Capital offers meticulously designed finishes for its exterior facade, general site, and individual units. Here’s what they entail:

Exterior Facade and General Site:

  • The exterior facade is adorned with Curtain Wall and Structure Glass, along with Cladding facades.
  • High-quality marble is used throughout Clock Tower’s exterior facade.
  • Imported marble of exceptional quality is used for the roads, entrances, and general facade. Woodworks complement the distinctive decor.
  • All ceilings are equipped with cameras and electrical conduits embedded within the concrete, chosen for their fire resistance.

Unit Finishes in Clock Mall New Capital:

  • Porcelain imported from abroad and HDF materials are used for the unit’s flooring, while the offices feature HDF flooring.
  • First-class ceramic finishes adorn all the bathrooms.
  • Plumbing fixtures in the bathrooms are of the iDEAL Standard or similar quality.
  • Electrical wiring comprises Swedish cables, and electrical fittings are from Schneider or similar brands.
  • All paints used are from Jotun.
  • Suspended ceilings are installed throughout, providing moisture and fire resistance.
  • Modern construction chemicals are employed for bathroom insulation.

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Project Video Video of Clock Project

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Project Facilities Facilities and Services of Clock Mall New Capital

The View of Clock Tower New Capital
The View of Clock Tower New Capital

Al Assema Real Estate has gone above and beyond to provide a wide range of exceptional services at Clock Tower New Capital, catering to businessmen and ambitious investors to present a comfortable work experience. The services of Mall Clock Tower include:

  • There are various spaces dedicated to main staircases and roads to avoid congestion.
  • World-class automatic fire extinguishing and alarm systems are provided in the mall.
  • Clock Mall New Capital features a vast collection of maps and display screens to facilitate easy navigation for customers.
  • Extensive green spaces provide marvelous views for units.
  • There is wheelchair accessibility for people with disabilities and the elderly.
  • Outstanding security services are provided in Mall Clock Project with 24/7 surveillance cameras and highly-trained security personnel.
  • Extraction System is implemented in the basement and throughout all floors.
  • Fresh Air purification system operates continuously on all floors of Mall Clock Tower New Capital.
  • Centralized air conditioning is provided for the entire building and units.
  • Numerous ATMs from various international and local banks are available to facilitate financial transactions.
  • Clock Tower New Capital is equipped with high-speed internet.
  • Premium visitor reception services are included in the tower.
  • The mall features French-inspired meeting rooms designed to the latest standards.
  • There is a gym exclusively for businessmen in Mall Clock, featuring upscale fitness equipment.
  • Clock Mall New Capital contains a VIP Lounge designed to welcome esteemed guests.
  • A selection of international restaurants is provided in each building, along with spaces for international beverages.
  • There are multiple restrooms for men and women in Clock Tower New Capital.
  • Private garages are included with a secure, fully-covered system capable of accommodating up to a hundred cars in each building.
  • Three panoramic elevators are added in each building, with a capacity of up to 10 individuals per elevator.

Floor-specific services and facilities:


  • There is a sufficient number of ramps.
  • The basement is designed to occupy the entire floor, accommodating a large number of cars. The architectural design ensures smooth entry and exit without any collisions.
  • Each garage can hold 50 parking spaces.

Other Floors:

  • Each floor is constructed on a 140 m2 area, with a height of up to 5 m. The upper floors reach a height of 3.6 m.
  • There are spacious corridors on each floor to accommodate visitors and owners, ensuring smooth movement and avoiding congestion.
  • All administrative units are delivered with complete finishes, including air conditioning and more.

Project Advantages Highlights of Clock Tower New Capital

Mall Clock Tower New Capital boasts a range of exceptional features that begin with its prime location and rare French design. The prices are perfectly tailored to offer ideal investment opportunities for ambitious entrepreneurs and successful business pioneers. Moreover, the project offers outstanding payment plans, extending up to 12 years for clients seeking to book units for sale.

Drawbacks of Mall Clock Tower Project

Mall Clock Project
Mall Clock Project

One potential drawback of Clock Tower New Capital is its specialization in administrative units only, without including medical, hotel, or commercial units. However, this is because it stands as the first specialized administrative tower in the New Capital, catering to the need for tranquility and privacy for all project stakeholders.

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Company Previous WorkAbout Al Assema Real Estate

With over 24 years of experience in residential and commercial project construction, Al Assema Real Estate is a leading company. For the construction of Clock Mall New Capital, they have collaborated with Archrete Designs, an engineering firm known for designing prominent malls in the New Capital, including Evora Tower.

Al Assema Real Estate partnered with Egy Pro Fm and STC Emirates to elevate Clock Tower Mall’s management and operations. Egy Pro Fm brings extensive facilities management expertise, while STC Emirates ensures high standards in consulting and execution. This collaboration aims to provide a superior visitor experience, showcasing a commitment to excellence that meets and exceeds visitors expectations.

Al Assema Real Estate Projects

  • Mall The Venue New Cairo
  • Grand Capital Mall, Fifth Settlement
  • Multiple residential projects in New Cairo area, including: Beit Al Watan, Al Lotus, north of Al Rehab City, New Narges City, Building the First District and Al Choueifat.
  • Preparing to present the second administrative tower in the New Capital in the first spot in the Downtown area, located in front of parliament building.

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