Apartment Compound Compound Odyssia Mostakbal City

Compound Odyssia Mostakbal City
Compound Odyssia Mostakbal City

The establishment of Compound Odyssia Mostakbal City كمبوند اوديسيا المستقبل سيتي by Al Ahly Sabbour guarantees the provision of the finest residential compound in New Cairo. Odyssia Compound has an ideal location in the heart of Mostakbal City and features luxurious designs, along with upscale services. In addition, Odyssia Mostakbal City prices are unbeatable, and convenient reservation systems are offered.


Project Site Location of Odyssia Sabbour Project

Choosing a strategic location is a major factor in the success of projects; therefore, Al Ahly Sabbour has wisely chosen to build The City of Odyssia in a perfect location in Mostakbal City which will be one of the superior cities of Egypt in the future for containing prestigious compounds. Moreover, Odyssia Compound will be near several prime areas.

Adjacent to the project Landmarks Close to Odyssia Compound Mostakbal City

  • Odyssia El Mostakbal is a few minutes away from the New Capital.
  • The Suez Road is extremely close to The City of Odyssia.
  • Reaching Nasr City and Heliopolis from Odyssia Compound Mostakbal City will be easy.
  • Only 70 minutes separate Odyssia Sabbour Project from Ain Sokhna.
  • Compound Odyssia Mostakbal City is adjacent to major projects such as Compound The Wonder MarQ and Compound Sarai New Cairo.

Project Design Design of The City of Odyssia

Panoramic View on The City of Odyssia New Cairo
Panoramic View on The City of Odyssia New Cairo

Gensler, ranked no. 1 in the world for developing magnificent engineering designs for major projects, has created the design of Compound Odyssia New Cairo with an exceptional modern touch different from the surrounding compounds. The diversity of units, including apartments, duplexes and townhouses, in Odyssia Compound Mostakbal City has allowed the designer to provide creative shapes.

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Project Area Space of Compound Odyssia New Cairo

The total area of Compound Odyssia Sabbour exceeds 500 acres, and 80% of the area is allocated to green spaces and artificial lakes, so that all residents of The City of Odyssia can have wonderful views. In addition, complete separation between villas and apartments is applied in order to preserve privacy in Odyssia El Mostakbal.

Moreover, clients who are interested to buy or invest in a unit for sale in Compound Odyssia Mostakbal City will get to choose the appropriate space of units from a wide range of options. In Odyssia Mostakbal City Compound, areas of units for sale range between 80 and 245 m2.

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Project Prices Odyssia Mostakbal City Prices 2024

Commercial Area in Odyssia Project
Commercial Area in Odyssia Project

Al Ahly Sabbour Developments presents an irreplaceable opportunity to buy an apartment for sale in Compound Odyssia El Mostakbal at competitive prices per meter. Therefore, the total prices, starting from 2,400,000 EGP, in Odyssia Compound Mostakbal City are considered very reasonable and equivalent to its location near the New Capital and in the heart of New Cairo where luxury lies.

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Project Installment Booking Systems in Odyssia Mostakbal City Compound

Besides providing convenient prices, Al Ahly Sabbour Developments offers flexible installment plans in Compound The City of Odyssia which will facilitate buying a unit for sale. Odyssia Mostakbal City down payment is considered extremely low, compared to other projects in New Cairo, since it starts from only 5%. Also, here are Odyssia Mostakbal City installments systems in detail:

  • 5% down payment and an installment period of up to 8 years.
  • 10% down payment and the rest is paid in installments over 10 years.

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فيديو المشروع Compound Odyssia Mostakbal City Video

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Apartment Compound Compound The Ridge New Cairo

Compound The Ridge New Cairo
Compound The Ridge New Cairo


The Ridge New Cairo Compound is one of the phases of the Odyssia Compound, spanning 220 acres. The Ridge Compound features luxurious English-style architectural designs with unit types including standalone villas, twin houses, and townhouses. Unit prices start from 17,496,000 EGP for a 205 m2 villa, with payment plans of 10% over 8 years.

Project Facilities Facilities and Services of Odyssia Compound Mostakbal City

Services of Odyssia Compound
Services of Odyssia Compound

Compound Odyssia Mostakbal City will certainly become an integrated city, meeting the aspirations, fulfilling the desires of its customers and providing an extraordinary lifestyle of luxury and entertainment in Egypt. Therefore, Odyssia Sabbour will be one of the major icons of New Cairo, similar to Amwaj Village, one of the icons of the North Coast by Sabbour.

To achieve integrated luxury, residents of Odyssia Mostakbal City Compound will get to enjoy cultural, artistic and musical events, hotels, restaurants, technology centers, green spaces and various other services that will make life joyful in Compound Odyssia New Cairo. Here are the available services and amenities in Odyssia El Mostakbal:

  • In Compound Odyssia Mostakbal City, there are security and guarding services, maintaining the safety of residents.
  • The latest surveillance cameras are added to increase security in Odyssia Compound.
  • Odyssia Sabbour project includes landscapes and green spaces with special places for outdoor barbecues.
  • A social club, which includes a gym, spa and jacuzzi, is provided for residents of Odyssia Mostakbal City Compound for more fun and luxury.
  • The City of Odyssia Compound features a commercial area where an integrated shopping experience is presented.
  • Popular international restaurants and brands are also included in Odyssia Compound Mostakbal City.
  • Compound Odyssia El Mostakbal contains entertainment kids’ areas, so that children can spend fun times.
  • There are also tracks for walking and cycling away from the main roads in Odyssia Compound Mostakbal City.
  • In Compound Odyssia New Cairo, the latest fire extinguishing systems are provided, in case of emergencies.
  • Odyssia Mostakbal City Compound includes a well-equipped hospital.
  • There are also nurseries and international schools in The City of Odyssia Compound.
  • Compound Odyssia Mostakbal City contains generators to easily deal with power outages.
  • Maintenance and cleaning services are available 24/7 in Compound Odyssia New Cairo.

Project Advantages Features of Compound Odyssia New Cairo

The Plaza in Compound Odyssia
The Plaza in Compound Odyssia

The multiple features of Odyssia Compound contribute to making it an integrated city in New Cairo. For example, Compound Odyssia Sabbour owns an exceptional location in Mostakbal City, proximate to the New Capital, and offers diverse spaces of units at unbeatable prices. Moreover, Odyssia Compound New Cairo presents flexible installment systems as well as comprehensive services.

Furthermore, after the opening of the New Capital, the value of Mostakbal City will increase, therefore, Compound Odyssia El Mostakbal will become an exceptional investment opportunity for those who are interested to gain guaranteed profit, especially with the reasonable prices, offered for a unit for sale.

Disadvantages of Odyssia Compound

Al Ahly Sabbour succeeds in launching a project that is considered flawless, but some may find that the location of Compound Odyssia Mostakbal City is a bit far. However, the establishment of the modern road network has solved this issue by facilitating access to Mostakbal City, and thus Odyssia Compound will be easy to reach.

Project's Brochure Brochure of Odyssia Compound Mostakbal City

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Company Previous Work About Al Ahly Sabbour Developments

Al Ahly Sabbour Developments is a prime real estate company in Egypt, established as a result of the cooperation of the National Bank of Egypt with Sabbour which has a great real estate history. In Egypt, it has implemented around 57 projects, including Odyssia Compound, in all distinctive areas such as downtown, New Cairo, Sheikh Zayed and October.

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