Villa Compound Island View Hurghada Project

The Island View Hurghada “مشروع ايلاند فيو الغردقة” is one of the most prominent touristic projects in Hurghada, this distinctive project is provided by the Egyptian Kuwaiti R

Island View Project
Island View Project

eal Estate Company in one of the most beautiful touristic spots in Egypt, as the apartments of Island View Hurghada have a dazzling view over the Red Sea which already has a picturesque nature, so if you want to get to know the units’ prices and systems more, here we will review all the details you are looking for.


Project Site Project Location

Island View’s location is one of the most important pull factors to the project generally, because the address of the island is located in the center of Hurghada, on the top of the highest hill in the city, so if you get a unit in the Island View’s project; We guarantee that you will enjoy the distinctive view of the beaches of the Red Sea with its fantastic nature. Now we will answer the question of where is the island located specifically from the other Hurghada’s landmarks?

Adjacent to the project Places Near to the Project

  • It is half-an-hour drive from Sahl Hasheesh.
  • Island View apartments are located just 20 minutes from Hurghada Airport.
  • The Project is located half-an-hour drive from Sand City.
  • It is 20 minutes by car from the Grand Aquarium.
  • Island View is only 20 minutes from the Cleopatra Bazaar, Hurghada.

Project Area Design of the Project

The Views in Island View
The Views in Island View

the island is part of The View project, which has an area of 200 thousand m2, and consists of 6 phases: The Hill, El-Duplex, Nubian Village, The Clubhouse, Island View Project, and Sky View Hotel.

The design of the island is one of the most things that attract others to it, as Island View apartments’ designs are characterized by modernity and elegancy, and there is no difference in the project’s models’ in papers or in reality. The project consists of 4 main buildings, with a total of 150 apartments of different areas, which makes the areas and prices of Island view apartments vary, and gives the option for customers to choose between them freely.

Project Design Island View Hurghada Areas

The Nubian Village in Island View
The Nubian Village in Island View

The project apartments are equipped with the highest level of services and facilities in various areas, and here we will review the different available units’ areas:

  • The area of ​​Island View Studios that consist of 1 Room varies between 84 meters, 89 meters, 100 meters to 102 meters, and 106 meters.
  • The areas of the apartments that have 2 rooms vary between 149 meters, 157 meters, 163 meters, 144 meters, and 151 meters.
  • There are also bigger areas of the apartments in Island View that vary between 317 meters to 334 meters, and consist of 3 rooms.
For more about the divisions of the interior spaces available in Island View Hurghada Project Click Here

Project Prices Prices of Island View Hurghada 2023

The price of the units in Island View varies due to the variation in the available spaces, so the prices of apartments in the island for one-room units differ from the two and three rooms, so let’s review now the value of the unit prices in Island View:

  • You can buy a one-room apartment starting from 3,000,000 EGP up to 3,450,000 EGP.
  • Two-room apartment prices start from 5,000,000 EGP up to 5,500,000 EGP.

There will also be a difference in the price as per the area of the apartment in project, and this is will be included within the contract accurately before purchasing your residential unit in the heart of Hurghada in the midst of the beauty of the sea and nature.

The prices of Island View Hurghada Project may have changed, for the updated prices Click Here

Project Installment Apartments Reservation Systems in Island View

The Lobby in Island View
The Lobby in Island View

Island View apartments that are for sale are available in different payment systems, and you can book Island View Hurghada apartments through the following systems:

  • Booking the apartments in installments over 5 years without downpayment .
  • Booking apartment with 10% downpayment and the rest over 6 years .
  • Reserving the apartments of Island View in installments with 15% down payment and the rest over 7 years.
  • Reserving an apartment on the island with a 25% down payment and the rest over 8 years.

The Date of Delivering Apartments

The date of delivering Island View units that are available in installments or in cash will be known accurately upon contracting, so as per the reservation of apartments in the project; it has already begun, and the customer can personally view the available models of units and choose the best for contracting, as the implementing company has provided 5 different models for the units, which are:

  • Type A
  • Type B
  • Type C
  • Type D
  • Type F

All models are presented with a Super Lux finishing system, which means that the customer will have the unit all set once the delivering date come, so the price of Island View Hurghada that are for sale is considered a competitive price for its integrated finishes, its ideal location, and for its varying areas that are provided by Island View project.

For more available installment and payment systems in Island View Hurghada Project Click Here

فيديو المشروع  Island View Hurghad a Video

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Project Facilities Facilities and Services

The Services in Island View
The Services in Island View

The apartments are characterized by having many integrated services and facilities, which increases the value of buying an apartment in the island especially for those who wish to make a successful investment there. Let us now review the most prominent services that are provided to the units of Island View in Hurghada:

  • Island View Hurghada offers a 24/7 security system with guards.
  • It has swimming pools that are suitable for adults and children.
  • Island View project includes a fitness center equipped with the latest sports equipment for sports fans.
  • Premium tennis courts are available.
  • Ping pong tables and bowling alleys to increase the fun and entertainment.
  • A private beach inside the project’s sports club, in addition to changing rooms distributed throughout the club.
  • Island View Hurghada project has a huge car park to accommodate the largest number of cars.
  • A group of upscale cafes and restaurants to gather with friends and family.
  • There is a club that includes a specialized area for taking care of children and for letting them play.

Project Advantages Advantages of the Project

The Swimming Pools in Island View
The Swimming Pools in Island View

Island View project is characterized by having the most amazing location ever in Hurghada, with units overlooking the shores of the Red Sea with its ​​amazing nature. Beside its location, the apartments that are for sale in installments or in cash are characterized by its various spaces, which qualifies the customer to choose freely among the different categories of units that the project provides, as well as it will not cost you more to finish the apartments of Island View, as the units are already delivered with super lux finishing.

Project Disadvantages Disadvantages of Island View Hurghada

Island View apartments project may have some flaws like any other project, and one of these flaws that the project does not provide villas, but only apartments, but as we previously mentioned during the article that the apartments are already available in large areas of up to 334 meters, which is an excellent area for those who need large areas, especially that the location of the Island View project will surely compensate for this defect, as all the units overlook the most beautiful views in Hurghada.

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Company Previous Work About Egyptian Kuwaiti Company, The Developer

The Island View project is considered one of the most important projects of the Egyptian-Kuwaiti company, this company has alot of fruitful successes of projects. It is a company that was established in 1997, to begin its journey in the world of real estate development in Egypt, by providing a series of residential, commercial and tourism projects.

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