Best compound prices St.Regis Penthouse Downtown Dubai

St.Regis Penthouse Downtown Dubai
St.Regis Penthouse Downtown Dubai

Emaar Developments has combined all meanings of luxury and sophistication in one place, which is St.Regis Penthouse Downtown Dubai بنتهاوس سانت ريجيس داون تاون دبي, in which it presents housing units for sale, in the heart of Dubai which is one of the most vital areas in UAE. In addition, St.Regis Penthouse unit prices are unbeatable.


Project Site Where is St.Regis Penthouse Emaar Project Located?

Emaar project is distinguished by its privileged location, as it is located a short distance from Downtown Dubai, where the most prominent landmarks of Dubai are found, like Burj Khalifa and The Dubai Fountain. This location will allow the residents to visit the most popular places in Dubai in a few minutes.

The Map of St.Regis Penthouse Downtown Dubai
The Map of St.Regis Penthouse Downtown Dubai

أماكن قريبة من المشروع Landmarks Close to Emaar Developments Project

  • Regis Penthouse Project is located minutes away from Dubai Opera.
  • You can reach St.Regis Penthouse Emaar project from The Dubai Fountain
  • Emaar project is a short distance from Burj Khalifa.
  • It is also close to Alexis Tower and Rukan Lofts.

Project Design The Design of Emaar Developments Project

Unique Finishing in St.Regis Penthouse Project
Unique Finishing in St.Regis Penthouse Project

Emaar Developments has relied on the most unique designs in St.Regis Penthouse Project, as it consists of two elegant towers whose ideas are inspired by “Art Deco.” One of the towers reaches a height of 262 m and the other is 171 m, respectively. In addition, they are linked to each other by a bridge.

The different and unique designs that Emaar Developments has relied on in St.Regis Penthouse Emaar project, are not at the level of the exterior designs only, but also at the level of interior designs, as St.Regis Penthouse Project finishes are made at the highest level of elegance.

Also, in Emaar Developments project, you can find that there is harmony between all details, as Emaar Developments has used neutral colors to make it easy for clients to choose the appropriate decoration for them, and give the clients more than one option to choose from.

مساحة المشروع St.Regis Penthouse Project Spaces

St.Regis Penthouses
St.Regis Penthouses

Emaar Developments has achieved great diversity in the areas of St.Regis Penthouse Emaar project units, because it seeks to satisfy the needs of all clients by providing them with large or limited spaces alike, and the space of St.Regis Penthouse units starts from 6794 ft2, I.e., 631 m2 to 6827 ft2, i.e., 634 m2.

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Project Prices St.Regis Penthouse Prices 2023

A Swimming Pool in St.Regis Penthouse Downtown Project
A Swimming Pool in St.Regis Penthouse Downtown Project

The prices per foot offered by Emaar Developments in Emaar project are reasonable, regarding the location, various spaces, and countless facilities. The price per foot starts from 3,795 AED, while the total price of the apartments for sale in St.Regis Penthouse Downtown Dubai starts from 25,781,888 up to 26,146,888 AED.

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Project Installment St.Regis Penthouse Installments System

The Units of St.Regis Penthouse Project
The Units of St.Regis Penthouse Project

Emaar Developments tries to facilitate for its customers the opportunity to buy St.Regis Penthouse units, so it provides a convenient payment system. You can find that St.Regis Penthouse down payment is 10% upon booking, and the rest is paid in installments over 2 and a half years, then 30% will be paid upon completion of construction in December 2026.

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Project Video Emaar Developments Project Video

Project Facilities The Services of St.Regis Penthouse Emaar

St.Regis Penthouse Downtown Dubai Project
St.Regis Penthouse Downtown Dubai Project

St.Regis Penthouse Emaar project is characterized by the availability of a wide range of facilities, services, and means of entertainment that the residents need, which will add to them joy and happiness, and these services & facilities come as follows:

  • Emaar project provides Private Parking, so residents can easily park their cars near the units.
  • A Shopping Complex is available in Emaar Developments project and is located on the ground level, so that residents can find everything they need effortlessly.
  • Regis Penthouse Emaar has a Swimming Pool for children and adults on the roof so that they can spend fun times with their loved ones.
  • A Gym is available in Emaar project so that residents can practice the sport they prefer anytime.
  • Regis Penthouse Emaar provides Entertainment Areas which are suitable for family and friends’ gatherings.
  • Emaar Developments project has a Spa which provides proper health care to the residents.
  • There are Office Spaces, where residents can read or work, in St.Regis Penthouse Emaar.
  • Security and Guarding Services are provided in St.Regis Downtown Dubai 24 hours a day to provide safety among the residents.
  • High-speed Internet is available in Emaar project so that the residents can access the internet easily.
  • Emaar Developments project provides Electric Generators of the highest standard, which operate automatically in the event of a power outage.
  • Regis Penthouse Downtown Duba has Barbecue Areas which are excellent places for outdoor barbecue parties.
  • Maintenance and Cleaning Services are available 24/7 in St.Regis Penthouse Dubai Emaar.

Project Advantages St.Regis Penthouse project Features

Penthouse Dubai Emaar project is the ideal place that you may look for, as it enjoys a unique location in the heart of Dubai, is close to the most prominent landmarks, and is distinguished by its various spaces, reasonable prices, the availability of installments system, and a long list of services.

St.Regis Penthouse Downtown Dubai Defects

Despite the above-mentioned advantage of St.Regis Penthouse Dubai Emaar, some may need to have villas, and that problem Emaar Developments has solved by providing units for sale in large areas, at reasonable prices with a convenient installments system, with a down payment starting from 10%.

Project's Brochure Emaar Developments Project Brochure

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Company Previous Work About Emaar Developments

Emaar Developments is one of the leading real estate companies, which began its journey in the real estate market many years ago, during which it has succeeded in achieving great fame in the UAE, Arab level, and international levels, as it has executed residential and recreational projects that are distinguished by luxury and sophistication.

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