Best compound prices Safa One Towers Dubai

Safa One Towers Dubai
Safa One Towers Dubai

Under the slogan “The Nature of Luxury”, DAMAC Group presents one of the most luxurious residential projects in the heart of the Emirate of Dubai, which is Safa One Towers Dubai أبراج صفا وان دبي, which consists of two twin towers in an exclusive partnership with the Swiss brand de GRISOGONO.”

The Swiss brand has been on the top of the jewelry world for more than 20 years, which added its spirit to the architectural design inspired by one of the precious necklaces belonging to “de GRISOGONO” with the signature of its founder, “Fawaz Gruosi,” also it is worth noting that Safa One Towers prices per foot irresistible.


Project Site The Location of Safa One Dubai

Safa One Apartments is located beside Safa Park, one of Dubai’s most famous public parks, which extends over ​​64 hectares (158 acres), which is characterized by its stunning and charming natural scenery, and Safa One is just steps away from Jumeirah Beach.

Also, Safa One Dubai enjoys stunning views of the Dubai Water Canal and extends along Sheikh Zayed Road, one of the main roads in the city, such as the Business Bay area, the Burj area, and the Dubai International Financial Center.

It is main the artery linking most of Dubai’s famous landmarks, such as the Dubai Mall, Emirates Towers, Burj Khalifa, etc., Therefore, Safa One Towers is the ideal destination for those who look forward to living in a vital area near Downtown Dubai, and its distinctive beaches, such as Kite Beach Dubai and Jumeirah Beach.

Location of Safa One
Location of Safa One

أماكن قريبة من المشروع Landmarks Close to Safa One Dubai

  • Safa One Dubai is close to Dubai Marina, which is the city’s most vital water destination.
  • It takes minutes to reach Dubai International Airport from Safa One Dubai, ranked among the top 10 airports in the world.
  • Safa Project can be reached from Dubai Media City, one of the top media hubs in the Middle East.
  • The project is 10 minutes away from The Dubai Mall, one of the largest malls in the world and one of the most important entertainment malls in the UAE.
  • There are many commercial centers within minutes away from Safa One Dubai, such as City Walk, Boxpark, Oasis Shopping Mall, and Mercato Shopping Mall.
  • There are also many schools near Safa One Towers, such as Safa British School, Horizon International School, The English College Dubai, and Al Ittihad School.
  • Safa One Dubai is close to Golf Gate DAMAC Hills Dubai.

Project Design Safa Apartments Project Design

Interior Designs of Safa Apartments
Interior Designs of Safa Apartments

According to international standards, Safa One Dubai Project is an architectural marvel, as it is inspired by the charm of the tropical island, where the elements of luxury and creativity are combined; to provide modern, high-luxury homes with spacious balconies and greenery on each floor.

Safa One consists of two twin towers with a variety of luxurious apartments for sale covered from the outside with hanging gardens extending from the ground floor to the top of the towers; for the owners to enjoy the tropical lifestyle characterized by the warm sun and flowing waterfalls, which made the towers harmonious with nature represented by Safa Park.

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مساحة المشروع Safa One Towers Apartments Spaces

Safa One Apartments
Safa One Apartments

Safa One Apartments is a green oasis embracing the sky, a tropical paradise that combines the magic of nature and the brilliance of emerald stones, which covered these two majestic towers with a robe of nature and enhanced them with sophisticated influences of (de GRISOGONO) that added to the towers more uniqueness and distinction.

  • The two towers are divided into TOWER A and TOWER B, and the spaces of the apartments start from 843 ft2, e., 78 m2.
  • Each tower consists of a ground floor and 38 upper floors.
  • In Tower A, you can find apartments consisting of 2 and 3 bedrooms, including high-luxury apartments with swimming pools.
  • In Tower B has apartments consisting of only 1 and 2 bedrooms.

Also, all units in Safa Project enjoy exceptional views thanks to the privileged location that made the units, either overlooking Safa Park, the Archipelago, and Bulgari Island on the one hand, or overlooking Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, and the Atlantis tourist resort on the other.

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Project Prices Safa One Towers Prices 2023

The Finishes of Safa One Towers
The Finishes of Safa One Towers

In Safa Project, you can find luxurious units for sale, and Safa One Towers unit prices start from 1,769,000 AED, which is an impressive opportunity for those who want to own an apartment among nature with the signature of the Swiss Brand (de GRISOGONO).

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Project Installment Safa One Towers Payments & Installments System

Landscapes in Safa Project
Landscapes in Safa Project

Damac Group has a lot of experience in providing the payment methods customers are looking for. So, in Safa One Dubai, you can find that Safa One Towers down payment is at the lowest that starts from 20%, with a long-term payment period of up to 2 years, then 10% on handover.

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Project Video The Video of Safa One Towers Project

Project Facilities Safa One Towers Dubai Facilities

The Services of Safa Dubai
The Services of Safa Dubai

Safa One Apartments is a world of comfort, signed by the largest investment entities in the UAE and the world, represented by DAMAC Group and the Swiss brand de GRISOGONO; Therefore, the project offers unprecedented levels of luxury and glamor, especially at the level of designs, service, and facilities in these two towers, as follow:

  • Temperature-controlled swimming pools, in which Safa One Dubai owners can enjoy swimming with a wonderful view of the Dubai skyline and its most prominent tourist attractions.
  • On top of the roofs of Safa One Towers Project is the tropical island, which is equipped with a climate control system; to rain at certain times of the day; for the owners to live in the atmosphere of the tropical rainforest, including waterfalls, birds, plants, etc.
  • Safa One Dubai Towers are equipped with hotel entrances at the highest level, characterized by three heights; to give the residents a sense of spaciousness and luxury.
  • The units in Safa One Towers Dubai are equipped with a smart system for facilities and services inside them.
  • A group of cafes and restaurants serve the most delicious food and drinks.
  • Clubhouse with gym, spa, and swimming pool in Safa One Towers Project.
  • Children’s entertainment area in Safa One Towers Dubai.

Project Advantages The Features of Safa One Towers

Charming Scenery of Safa Project
Charming Scenery of Safa Project

DAMAC Group, through Safa One Apartments, is able to combine the luxury and creativity of the exterior designs of the towers with the sophistication of the interior designs of the units, taking into account providing recreational and community services and facilities to meet the needs of the residents and their guests.

In parallel, taking into account the sustainability in environmental conservation and rationalizing energy consumption of all kinds in Safa One Towers Dubai, and providing vast green spaces, albeit vertically, to suit the design of the towers, which is characterized by luxury, creativity, and the use of the latest international technologies in construction and design.

Disadvantages of the Safa One Towers Project

It is difficult to mention any defect in Safa One Towers Dubai unless you are looking for a villa; as the only disadvantage may be that it is limited to apartments only, but on the other hand, DAMAC Group carefully planned to provide all the features of the villas in the apartments.

Also, DAMAC Group has taken into attention all the details that the customers are looking for; to allow them to enjoy a comfortable life in full-service residential suites with breathtaking views of the Dubai skyline, with its attractive landmarks and its charming beaches, especially that DAMAC has chosen the most wonderful location near Downtown Dubai.

Project's Brochure The Brochure of Safa One Towers

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Company Previous Work About DAMAC Group

DAMAC Group is a leading company in real estate development in the UAE and the Arab region, since its founding in 2002 by Emirati businessman Hussain Sajwani, it has proved that it is one of the most influential real estate institutions, due to its distinguished projects, whether residential, commercial or hotel units.

It is worth noting that DAMAC Group has delivered about 39,400 units so far, and about 28,000 units are under development. DAMAC Group has become synonymous with any successful and unique project in all its details. So, you can find that it presents a masterpiece in each project it provides.

The success of DAMAC projects, whether inside or outside the UAE, did not come from a vacuum but rather come as a result of years of hard work, providing luxurious units for sale, and presenting integrated projects with attention to all details.

 At the same time, DAMAC Group has conducted strategic partnerships with prestigious international brands such as “FENDI“, “VERSACE“, “BUGATTI“, “Just Cavalli“, as it has developed urban communities in partnership with these well-known brands, which has happened with Safa One Towers which is presented in partnership with the Swiss ” de GRISOGONO” brand.

It is worth noting that DAMAC Group is considered one of the most prestigious real estate developers, which won well-known awards from the largest parties in the real estate market, thanks to its leadership, whether in architectural designs or interior designs, whether for its residential, hotel or mixed-use projects, and gaining the trust of its clients around the world.

DAMAC Group Projects:

Damac Group’s previous projects are the biggest proof of its vision to create a different and unique way of living, a life full of elegance and sophistication, whether at the level of the UAE or the Middle East region, and the most prominent previous projects of DAMAC Group are as follows:

Inside the UAE

Outside the UAE

  • DAMAC Tower Nine Elms London.
  • DAMAC Tower Beirut.
  • DAMAC Towers Riyadh.
  • DAMAC Tower Amman.
  • Burj DAMAC Seaviews.

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