Best compound prices Rukan Lofts Wadi El Safa Dubailand

Rukan Lofts Wadi El Safa Dubailand
Rukan Lofts Wadi El Safa Dubailand

Reportage Developments presents a new architectural gem, a perfectly designed residential community, which is Rukan Lofts Wadi El Safa Dubailand روكان لوفتس وادي الصفا دبي لاند, where you can find luxurious and sophisticated villas for sale that are suitable in spaces for the clients who look for comfort and tranquility, and Rukan Lofts prices per foot are irreplaceable.


Project Site The Location of Rukan Lofts Reportage

The uniqueness achieved by Reportage Developments in Rukan Project can be found in many points, starting from choosing the location of Rukan Lofts Reportage in Dubailand, one of the most famous and prestigious areas, in addition to being located in the heart of charming landscapes.

The location of Rukan Lofts Project has given it a great advantage in accessing the most famous places in Dubai easily through main road networks by which residents can reach any place they want by their cars within a very short period, as we will clarify in the next points.

The Map of Rukan Lofts
The Map of Rukan Lofts

أماكن قريبة من المشروع Landmarks Close to Rukan Project

  • Rukan Lofts Reportage is 5 minutes away from Dubai Expo.
  • The distance between Rukan Lofts Dubai and Hamdan Sports Complex is 15 minutes.
  • You can reach Rukan Lofts Reportage from Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall within 20 minutes.
  • Rukan Lofts Villas is located 20 minutes from Dubai International Airport.
  • It takes 20 minutes to reach Rukan Lofts Reportage from Dubai Miracle Garden.
  • It is easy to reach Rukan Project from Mall of Emirates as it takes only 20 minutes.
  • Rukan Project is 15 minutes away from Global Village.
  • It is also close to Safa One Towers Dubai and Heart of Europe Dubai.

Project Design Rukan Project Design

Rukan Lofts Design
Rukan Lofts Design

You can find the great care that has been given to Rukan Project in the quality of the luxurious designs, as it is an architectural masterpiece that combines green spaces with double-glazing facades that allow the entry of the right amount of air and sunlight, thus taking into account all the details to meet all needs.

As for the interior designs, the first thing clients notice when entering their units in Rukan Project is the elegance, harmony, and combination of different details in a unique consistency, in addition to the quality of the finishes to satisfy the tastes of those looking for beauty and comfort in their residential units.

مساحة المشروع The Spaces of Rukan Lofts Project

Rukan Villas Project
Rukan Villas Project

The reason behind the elegance and uniqueness of Rukan Lofts Reportage is the huge space that has been allocated by Reportage Developments to achieve the diversity of the units’ spaces and meet all needs & tastes, as the total area of ​​Rukan Project is 2,600,000 ft2, i.e., 241,547.904 m2.

Villas Spaces in Rukan Lofts Dubai

Gardens in Rukan Lofts Dubai
Gardens in Rukan Lofts Dubai

The villas’ spaces in Rukan Project come to meet the tastes of all those looking to buy elegant units for sale, as Reportage Developments believes in achieving diversity to allow its clients to choose the unit they prefer, and thus the space of 4-bedroom townhouse starts from 3614 ft2 or 335.75 m2.

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Project Prices Rukan Lofts Unit Prices 2023

The Green Spaces of Rukan Lofts Wadi El Safa
The Green Spaces of Rukan Lofts Wadi El Safa

Reportage Developments provides units for sale at reasonable prices per foot that enable them to own villas without financial burdens, as the prices per foot in Rukan Project start from 623 AED, while the total price of the units starts from 2,250,000 AED, and this price is reasonable regarding the location, facilities, and services that are provided to the residents.

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Project Installment Payment & Installments System of Rukan Lofts

Swimming Pools in Rukan Project
Swimming Pools in Rukan Project

For more comfort for its clients, Reportage Developments has provided a convenient payment system in which Rukan Lofts down payment starts from 10%, then 1% every month over 24 months, and 10% within 12 months, then 56% after receipt which will be during the second quarter of 2023.

For more available installment and payment systems in Rukan Lofts Wadi El Safa Dubailand Click Here

Project Video Rukan Lofts Wadi El Safa Dubailand Video

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Project Facilities The Facilities of Rukan Villas

Rukan Lofts Services
Rukan Lofts Services

Rukan Lofts Villas is an integrated community in which you can find all the services and facilities that you need, as Reportage Developments has taken into account the smallest details to meet the aspirations of its clients, and the services and facilities in Rukan Lofts Dubai are as follows:

  • Rukan Lofts Reportage provides Retail Areas to make it easier for residents to buy all what they need easily.
  • For sports lovers, Rukan Lofts Project has Gyms to make it easier for residents to exercise regularly.
  • There is a Swimming Pool, equipped at the highest level in Rukan Project, for any resident to swim safely.
  • Rakan Lofts Wadi El Safa provides a Dedicated Area for Pets to provide the appropriate space for those animal lovers.
  • You can find Jogging and Cycling Tracks in Rukan Lofts Dubai, so that residents can easily practice anytime.
  • Rukan Project has Green Spaces and Landscapes where you can feel the psychological comfort you look for.
  • Rukan Lofts Dubai provides Barbecue Areas for lovers of barbecue parties.
  • There is a Large Mosque in Rakan Lofts to perform prayers on time.
  • Rukan Lofts Villas has a Special Area for Children, so that they can spend fun time under the eyes of their families.

Project Advantages The Pros of Rukan Project

The Pros of Rukan Project
The Pros of Rukan Project

Rukan Project has all the features that make it an ideal opportunity for lovers of luxury, as it is characterized by an ideal location close to the most vital areas in Dubai, as well as distinctive spaces, reasonable prices, convenient installment systems, and Rukan Project has all the facilities and services that residents need.

The Cons of Rukan Lofts Dubai

After all the features that are listed about Rukan Lofts Project, some may see that providing villas only is a defect, as they want to own apartments, but Reportage Developments provides various spaces of townhouse villas, where there are villas with one bedroom, and thus they are similar to the size of the apartments with more privacy.

Project's Brochure Rukan Project Brochure

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Reportage Developments is one of the leading companies in real estate in the UAE and has more than 20 years of experience. It seeks all the time to build and develop housing units at the highest level of luxury at reasonable prices, and for that, it makes partnerships with different entities to provide distinguished services to its clients.

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