Best compound prices Camelia Villas Damac Hills 2

Camelia Villas Damac Hills 2
Camelia Villas Damac Hills 2

Innovation is the dominant feature of all DAMAC projects, as it is keen to provide its clients with unique projects from any other project, so in Camelia Villas Damac Hills 2 فلل كاميليا داماك هيلز 2, it offers facilities that you can’t find anywhere else at competitive prices, and in this article, we will discuss Camelia Villas features in details. 


Project Site Where is Camelia Villas Located?

The first thing that attracts customers to buy any residential unit is the location, and DAMAC Group has considered this point, so it has chosen Damac Hills 2 to be the location of the project, which is one of the most sophisticated places in Dubai, where you can find all means of comfort.

Map of Camelia Villas Dubai
Map of Camelia Villas Dubai

أماكن قريبة من المشروع Landmarks Close to Camelia Villas Damac Hills 2

  • Camellia Villas is located 15 minutes away from Dubai Outlet Mall.
  • It is easy to reach Dubai International Academic City from Camelia Villas Dubai.
  • It takes minutes to reach Camellia Villas from The Sevens Stadium.
  • Camellia Villas is close to Al Qudra Lake.
  • Dubai International Airport is minutes away from Camelia Villas Damac Hills 2.
  • The distance between Camelia Villas Dubai and Downtown Dubai is just minutes.
  • Camellia Villas is close to Nice Villas and Eterno Villas.

Project Design Camelia Villas Damac Hills 2 Design

Design of Camelia Project
Design of Camelia Project

DAMAC Group has been keen to provide its clients with a community, where they can get a luxurious living experience, so has designed the project in a distinctive way, where you can find luxurious architectural designs that are aligned with their aspirations.

At the level of interior designs of Camellia Villas, DAMAC Group has used the finest materials in finishing so that the project suits the discerning clients by providing townhouse villas consisting of 3 rooms with high ceilings that allow the entry of a sufficient quantity of Light and heat.

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مساحة المشروع The Spaces of Camelia Villas Dubai

Camelia DAMAC Project
Camelia DAMAC Project

In order to meet all tastes, DAMAC Group has provided various spaces in Camelia Villas Damac Hills 2, so you can choose the unit that satisfies you, whether it is limited space or large, and what has helped DAMAC Group to do so in Camelia Villas Dubai is the great experience that it has in the real estate market.

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Project Prices Camelia Villas Prices 2023

DAMAC Group, in Camellia Villas, offers luxurious villas for sale at reasonable prices per foot, so it has made the cut by providing all the above-mentioned features at competitive prices, which you can note in Camelia Villas unit prices that start from 1,322,000 AED, so it will not be difficult for clients to purchase units for sale in Camelia Villas

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Project Installment Camelia Villas Installments System

Townhouse in Camelia Project
Townhouse in Camelia Project

At the time that DAMAC Group offers unbeatable prices in Camella Villas, it presents a convenient payment system, in which you can find that Camelia Villas down payment starts from 20%, with a long-term payment period, which will not put on you any financial burdens. 

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Project Facilities The Facilities of Camelia Villas Project

Facilities in Camelia Damac Hills
Facilities in Camelia Damac Hills

Compound Camellia Villas is considered an integrated community, where you can find all the features you look for from facilities and services to means of entertainment, that will make you enjoy your time freely and make memories that will live forever, & in the following point we will mention the facilities in detail:

  • There are many Shops in Camelia Damac Hills 2 that make it easier for residents to shop and buy everything they need at any time.
  • Camelia Villas Project provides Green Spaces that give the units aesthetic views all the time.
  • Residents of the Camelia Damac Hills 2 can exercise in Gyms that are equipped at the highest level.
  • You can find Health Clubs in Camelia Villas, where residents can enjoy their time.
  • There is a Kids’ Area in Camelia Damac Hills 2, where your children can spend fun times with their families.
  • Restaurants and Cafes are provided in Camelia Villas which serve the most delicious dishes for the residents.
  • Security and Guarding Services are available in Camelia Damac Hills 2 and work 24 hours a day to provide a safe environment for the residents.
  • You can find Surveillance Cameras in all corners of Camelia Villas to increase safety among residents.
  • The residents of Camelia Villas will get the integrated medical care that is provided in the Medical Clinics.
  • Camelia Villas is an eco-friendly community that uses Solar Panels and optical fibers.

Project Advantages Camelia Villas Features

There are many features that make Camelia Villas the ideal residential community that you dream of, starting from its strategic location, luxurious architectural designs, and various spaces, in addition to competitive prices, payment systems, facilities, services, and means of entertainment.

Camelia Villas Defects

Garages in Camelia Villas
Garages in Camelia Villas

Despite the above-mentioned advantages of Camelia Villas, some clients believe that a large number of units will not give them the privacy they look for, but Damac Group has made large spaces between each unit, with soundproof walls, and security services, that will solve this issue.

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Company Previous Work A Brief About DAMAC Group

DAMAC Group is considered one of the leading companies in real estate development in the UAE, as it offers elegant projects, tries all the time to study the needs of the real estate market, and provides its clients with everything they need, which makes it one of the most significant developers in the Arab world.

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