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Lozan Urban Development

LUD Development
LUD Development

Lozan Urban Development LUD شركة لوزان للتطوير العمراني, established in 1997, is a group of investment firms dedicated to serving the realm of urban projects. It encompasses a diversity of sectors, including shipping, imports, exports, general contracting, public supplies, aluminum, wood, and a specialized landscaping company. LUD Development is headed by entrepreneur, Mr. Adel Abdel Monem.

The journey of Lozan Urban Development has started in the United Arab Emirates where various LUD projects are implemented, including over 17 compounds in Abu Dhabi were established by 2007. In 2011, LUD Development has set its sights on Egypt, where it has embarked on numerous residential, touristic, and administrative projects in the Delta region (New Damietta, New Mansoura).

With aspirations of becoming a major company in Egypt and the Middle East’s real estate landscape, Lozan Urban Development LUD aims to construct modern, thriving urban communities in promising investment locales, aligning with Egypt’s Vision 2030. Additionally, LUD Development was among the pioneers investing in the New Capital in 2016, implementing a medical administrative project, completing it in 2020.


LUD Projects

Mall The Rift New Cairo

Design of Mall The Rifts
Design of Mall The Rifts

LUD Development introduces its latest gem, The Rift Mall New Cairo, strategically nestled as no.1 project in Mostakbal City. Encompassing 70,000 m2, this masterpiece comprises multiple buildings featuring a ground floor and 3 upper floors. The units start at 27 m2, with prices starting from 3,426,028 EGP. Book units easily with a 10% down payment and pay installments over 8 years at The Rift Mall.

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Apex Business Complex New Capital

Panoramic View of Mall Apex Business
Panoramic View of Mall Apex Business

Apex Business Complex New Capital is one of the fascinating LUD projects, strategically nestled in the dynamic Downtown area, right along the Eastern Axis. The complex offers unrivaled proximity to the Green River, Souq Al Dahab, the Monorail Station, Misr Mosque, and the Governmental District. It also boasts a direct view of the Central Park, granting a picturesque panorama.

Lozan Urban Development’s vision of modern life is reflected through the modern, global design of Apex Business Complex. This comprehensive marvel encompasses a ground floor, 12 upper floors, and even extends 4 basement floors for parking. With an area of 2,600 m2, LUD Development project is a fusion of commercial, administrative, medical and hotel units.

Additionally, the spaces range from 28 to 80 m2, allowing clients to buy the suitable size of a unit for sale at LUD Development project with an affordable price per meter. The total prices of units start from 1,200,000 EGP, and booking requires a 10% down payment, and the installments period is up to 12 years in Apex Business Complex.

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Other Projects by LUD Development

  • More than 17 compounds in Abu Dhabi
  • Numerous residential, tourism and administrative projects in the Delta region (New Damietta – New Mansoura)

LUD Development’s Partnerships

Although LUD Development participates in various activities and relies on their in-house expertise, the company understands the value of partnerships across various domains. Collaborating with external partners ensures LUD projects are presented with top-notch quality to guarantee the satisfaction of clients interested to buy or invest in units for sale.

LUD Development has joined forces with Hafez Consultancy for their innovative designs and collaborated with KAD Commercial Property Management for the management and operations of projects. This collaborative synergy ensures that Apex Business Complex by LUD Development stands as a testament to innovation, excellence, and a commitment to delivering the best.

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The latest projects of Lozan Urban Development are The Rift Mall New Cairo and Apex Business Complex New Capital
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