Villa Compound Village Ein Hills Sokhna

Village Ein Hills Sokhna
Village Ein Hills Sokhna

El Shahawi Developments presents Village Ein Hills Sokhna قرية عين هيلز السخنة for those searching for a magnificent place to escape life and create joyful memories by the sea. Ein Hills Village is located in a prestigious spot in Ain Sokhna and offers a variety of units for sale with diverse spaces. Moreover, Ein Hills Sokhna prices are highly competitive.


Project Site Location of Ein Hills Sokhna Village

The location of Ein Hills Village Sokhna project has been chosen with great precision to be suitable for a diversity of buyers. Village Ein Hills is situated 7 km from Porto Sokhna. Therefore, Ein Hills Sokhna Resort residents will be close to several vital areas, which will take only a few minutes to reach, in Ain Sokhna.

Adjacent to the project Well-known Places Near Village Ein Hills

  • Village Ein Hills Sokhna is located 60 minutes away from Cairo.
  • Taking El Galala Road to reach Ein Hills Sokhna project will take 5 minutes.
  • Ein Hills Village Sokhna is 45 minutes from the New Capital.
  • Porto Sokhna is about 7 km away from Ein Hills Shahawi.
  • Village Ein Hills is close to Resort BOHO El Sokhna and Village G-Bay.

Project Design Design of Ein Hills Village Sokhna

Design of Ein Hills Village Sokhna
Design of Ein Hills Village Sokhna

Clients who are interested to buy a unit for sale in Ein Hills Shahawi will be captured by its fascinating design, resulting from the great harmony, achieved between green spaces, landscapes, and residential buildings. El Shahawi has assigned creating the design of Ein Hills Village Sokhna to efficient design and construction companies, and thus the design is divided as follows:

  • The total area of ​​Ein Hills Sokhna Resort is about 50 acres.
  • In Village Ein Hills Sokhna, there are diverse types of units, including studios and chalets.
  • The largest percentage of the total area is dedicated to green spaces and landscaping, and the rest is allocated to residential buildings.

Project Area Area of Village Ein Hills Shahawi

Ein Hills Sokhna Chalets
Ein Hills Sokhna Chalets

The large area of Ein Hills Sokhna Village, which is around 50 acres, has allowed El Sahawi to provide units of various sizes, whether large or limited spaces, to satisfy the largest number of clients who are interested to buy or invest in Ein Hills Sokhna Resort. There are studios and chalets, consisting of 2 or 3 rooms in Ein Hills Village.

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Project Prices Village Ein Hills Sokhna Prices 2024 

Units of Village Ein Hills Sokhna
Units of Village Ein Hills Sokhna

Ein Hills Village does not only feature diverse spaces of units; however, it offers low prices per meter which are considered reasonable, compared to all the services and privileges, provided to satisfy customers and meet their aspirations. Therefore, the starting total price of units in Village Ein Hills Sokhna project seem convenient which equals 3,550,000. Also,10% maintenance fees are required to be paid in Village Ein Hills Sokhna.

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Project Installment Installments Systems Ein Hills Sokhna Resort

In addition to providing convenient prices, Shahawi Properties presents Ein Hills Sokhna installments systems which will be comfortable for the largest number of buyers. In order to facilitate booking a unit for sale in Ein Hills Sokhna Village and reduce financial burdens for clients, the following reservation installment systems are offered:

  • 10% down payment and installments over 8 years. Receipt of Village Ein Hills units may be immediate or after 6 months.
  • 10% down payment and the rest is paid over 9 years in installments. The receipt will be after a year or more in Ein Hills Shahawi.
  • Units in Ein Hills Village Sokhna are delivered fully finished.

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Project Video Village Ein Hills Sokhna Video

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Project Facilities Services of Village Ein Hills Shahawi

Services of Ein Hills Sokhna Village
Services of Ein Hills Sokhna Village

In Ein Hills Village Sokhna, El Shahawi Developments has provided residents with all the needed facilities and services to enjoy a comfortable life and to make sure they are satisfied. In addition, the following services and means of entertainment have contributed to making Ein Hills village an integrated community:

  • There are swimming pools for residents of Ein Hills Village.
  • Chalets in Ein Hills Sokhna project offers marvelous views of green spaces and landscapes.
  • Security and guarding services work throughout the day to maintain the safety and comfort of residents in Village Ein Hills Shahawi.
  • Ein Hills Village offers reception services at the gates to fulfill the requests of residents.
  • A commercial area is also provided in Ein Hills Sokhna for residents, to do shopping.
  • Village Ein Hills contains the latest surveillance cameras to increase safety.
  • There is an Aqua Park suitable for children and adults in Ein Hills Village Sokhna.
  • Gyms in Ein Hills Sokhna Village allow residents to practice sports and keep fit.
  • There are restaurants and cafes, serving tasty dishes for residents of Ein Hills Village Sokhna.
  • Ein Hills Sokhna Resort also provides maintenance and cleaning services.

Project Advantages Features of Ein Hills Village Sokhna

Ein Hills Sokhna Project
Ein Hills Sokhna Project

Village Ein Hills Sokhna successfully meets the aspirations of clients who are interested to book sophisticated units in an exceptional location, offering luxurious services. Moreover, Ein Hills Village offers diverse spaces, competitive prices, and convenient installment systems to be appropriate for buyers. Furthermore, Ein Hills Sokhna down payment starts from 10%, and the immediate receipt of units is possible.

Disadvantages of Village Ein Hills

Providing studios and chalets only in Village Ein Hills Sokhna project may disturb clients who are interested to buy villas with large spaces. Therefore, El Shahawi Developments offers chalets, in Ein Hills Village, with large areas equivalent to the areas of ​​villas to satisfy all customers, and chalets can be received immediately.

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El Shahawi Developments was established in 1976, and since then it has proven its efficiency in the real estate market by implementing major projects in all governorates. In addition, it always works on providing extraordinary units for clients with all the needed services, and thus it has become one of the prime real estate companies in Egypt.

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