Apartment Compound Compound Square October

Compound Square October
Compound Square October

Cleopatra Developments has launched Compound Square October كمبوند سكوير أكتوبر, one of the best projects available due to the immediate delivery of Square project’s villas, and strategic location in the 6th of October City directly on the 26th of July Corridor, along with diverse spaces, competitive prices and convenient payment plans that make Cleopatra Square Compound the ideal choice.


Project Site Location of Square Project

The strategic location is one of the advantages of Square project, as it is located directly in front of Galleria 40. The compound has also succeeded in avoiding a far delivery date, and the compound is away from crowds, ensuring privacy and comfort for the residents of Compound Square 6 October.

Adjacent to the project Nearby Places to Compound Square

  • Cleopatra Square Compound is only 5 minutes away from the Ring Road.
  • Square project is located less than 10 minutes from Cairo-Alexandria Road.
  • Square 6 October Compound is 15 minutes away from Downtown Cairo and the Pyramids Area.
  • Compound Square October is also adjacent to Ever West Compound 6 October and Mountain View iCity October.

Project Design October Square Project Design

Design of Cleopatra Square Project
Design of Cleopatra Square Project

Cleopatra Developments has given Square Compound luxurious Italian designs with a modern touch, and the great diversity in the designs of the residential villas in Square project gives a sense of joy as soon as you enter it, in addition to the green spaces that increase the feeling of calm and serenity.

Project Area Area of Square October Compound

Twin House Cleopatra Square October
Twin House Cleopatra Square October

Compound Square 6 October extends over an area of 50 acres, with 80% green spaces. It includes 3 types of units: townhouses, twin houses, and standalone villas, with diverse spaces that meet the needs of all customers who want to buy units at affordable prices in the 6th of October City. The details of the areas in Compound Square are below:

  • Twin Houses: Start from 261 up to 426 m2.
  • Standalone Villas: Start from 365 up to 496 m2.

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Project Prices Compound Cleopatra Square October Prices 2023

Green Spaces in Cleopatra Square Compound
Green Spaces in Cleopatra Square Compound

Buying one of the units for sale in Compound Square October is a rare opportunity, especially considering the affordable prices per meter and the features available in Square Compound, like a strategic location, modern Italian designs, and diverse spaces. The Square unit prices start from 6,900,000 EGP, along with a discount of up to 25% when you pay in cash.

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Project Installment Compound Square Installments and Down Payment

Standalone Villas in Square Compound
Standalone Villas in Square Compound

Cleopatra Developments is keen to lessen the burdens of payments on the clients, as the Square down payment and installment systems are convenient to facilitate payment even further for the residents. The payment plan starts with a 20% down payment, with the rest in installments over 4 years.

Additionally, there is a possibility not to wait for the delivery of standalone villas and twin houses after paying 40% of their price, while the townhouses in Cleopatra Square Compound will be delivered in 2 years. A 10% maintenance fee must also be paid, and all units in Cleopatra Square Compound will be delivered semi-finished.

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Project Video Compound Square Project Video

Project Facilities Facilities in Cleopatra Square Compound 6 October

Services Offered at Compound Square October
Services Offered at Compound Square October

Cleopatra Developments’ previous experience in knowing what residents need in a compound has allowed them to provide all the services needed within Compound Square 6 October in order to create the greatest level of luxury and comfort for the residents of the compound. You can learn about the services and facilities offered at Cleopatra Square Compound in the next points:

  • Cleopatra Square Compound October contains landscapes to give an aesthetic touch, psychological comfort, and tranquility.
  • Cleopatra Square Compound provides security and guarding services throughout the day, in order to increase the sense of security among the residents.
  • Square project offers swimming pools of different lengths and sizes to suit all family members.
  • There are also walking and cycling paths in Square Compound for residents to practice these sports easily and safely.
  • Square 6 October Compound includes entertainment spaces for family gatherings.
  • For the residents of Cleopatra Square Compound to get everything they need effortlessly, there is a supermarket and a commercial mall in the compound.
  • Square Compound includes a social club with a gym, spa, and jacuzzi, to increase luxury and recreation among the residents.
  • There is also a Kids Area in Compound Square 6 October at the highest level for the safety and entertainment of your children.
  • Compound Square October has car garages to prevent overcrowding and facilitate parking.
  • Square Compound October has the latest fire extinguishing systems, in order to deal with fires immediately.
  • Cleopatra Square Compound includes sports fields at the highest level to practice various types of sports.
  • You will also find in the most famous restaurants and cafes within Square 6 October Compound.
  • Compound Square 6 October also provided an eco-friendly clubhouse for residents to spend happy times.
  • You will find maintenance and cleaning services in Compound Square October, throughout the day and seven days a week.

Project Advantages Advantages of Square October Compound

Town House at Square Compound
Town House at Square Compound

SquareCompound is considered a breakthrough among October projects, due to its presence in an outstanding location, in addition to its innovative facilities, designs, appropriate prices, and payment plans. Cleopatra Developments has succeeded in meeting the needs of its clients.

Disadvantages of Square October Compound

It is difficult to find defects in Compound Square October, but some may consider the lack of apartments as a disadvantage. However, Cleopatra Developments has offered prices that allow you to obtain a villa at a price that is near to the prices of an apartment, which is a good investment and an opportunity that should not be missed.

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Cleopatra Developments has become well known for its success in the real estate market since its establishment in 1983 by the Egyptian businessman Mohamed Abou El Enein, and its projects have won client satisfaction and trust until Cleopatra Developments became the first choice for clients due to its projects being at a high level of quality in construction and services.

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