Apartment Compound Compound Kayan October

Compound Kayan October
Compound Kayan October

You can guarantee an extravagant life in Badreldin Developments’ new project, Compound Kayan 6 October كمبوند كيان أكتوبر, amongst green spaces, landscapes, and ultra-luxurious residential units. The project includes apartments and villas in the form of townhouses, with unparalleled facilities and long-term installment plans, in addition to the competitive prices offered at Kayan Compound.


Project Site Location of Kayan Compound

Badreldin Developments are keen to deliver every need to their clients, so they have chosen a strategic location for their project in the most prestigious area in 6th of October. Kayan 6 October is located in Grand Heights, which is close to the most important landmarks, allowing residents to easily reach any vital places within a short time.

Map of Compound Kayan October
Map of Compound Kayan October

Adjacent to the project Nearby Places to Kayan Compound

  • Kayan 6th of October Compound is located only minutes away from the heart of Sheikh Zayed.
  • Kayan Compound can be reached from Alexandria Desert Road.
  • Kayan Badreldin project is a few minutes away from Juhayna Square.
  • Kayan project is 7 minutes away from Mall of Arabia.
  • The distance between Kayan 6 October Compound and Sphinx International Airport is about 12 minutes.
  • The project is close to Badya Palm Hills Compound and Isola Compound.

Project Design Compound Kayan 6 October Design

Design of Compound Kayan 6 October
Design of Compound Kayan 6 October

Compound Kayan October has unique designs that are similar to international buildings, combining the originality of the past with the aspirations of the future so that the units satisfy the tastes of different clients. Additionally, the design optimally uses green spaces to achieve privacy between units, while these units overlook landscapes that inspire comfort and stability in the residents.

In order to provide such a unique, original and modern design in the units of Kayan 6 October, Badreldin Developments has hired the most efficient design and construction companies to implement a perfect appearance to Kayan compound. The design of Kayan Compound is as follows:

  • The total area of Kayan 6 October is about 102 acres.
  • The percentage of building units in Kayan project is 18%, and the rest allocated to green spaces and landscapes.
  • Kayan Compound has the lowest building heights in October, as the units range from Ground and First floor to Ground and three floors.

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Project Area Unit Spaces in Compound Kayan October

Units in Kayan Compound
Units in Kayan Compound

Badreldin Developments has chosen the unit areas in Compound Kayan 6 October very carefully, so that they are suitable to the tastes of most clients, whether the lovers of small or large spaces, in order to give everyone a strong opportunity to join Kayan Compound. The areas of units in Kayan Compound start from 65 to 207 m2.

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Project Prices Compound Kayan 6 October Prices 2024 

Apartments in Kayan Project
Apartments in Kayan Project

Kayan Compound October prices per meter are distinguished from the prices of other residential projects in October, as the company has developed special prices that are suitable to the number of services and diverse spaces Compound Kayan 6 October provides and given its unique location.

  • The prices for Kayan October compound start from 3,800,000 EGP for semi-finished studios.
  • The price for fully finished units in Kayan compound begins from 7,700,000 EGP.

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Project Installment Kayan Installments and Down Payment

Villas at Kayan Compound October
Villas at Kayan Compound October

In addition to competitive prices, the company provided convenient payment plans, so the clients can buy the units for sale at Compound Kayan 6 October with low down payments while enjoying long-term installment periods. Kayan down payment and installment plans, as well as the delivery dates and finishing, can be viewed in the points below:

  • 35% down payment, and the rest in installments over 2 years and a half, with delivery from 6 months to one year.
  • 30% down payment, and the rest in installments over 5 years, with delivery within 3.5 years.
  • Kayan Compound offers discounts on cash payments of 14% or 22%.
  • Maintenance fees equal to 8% are required.

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فيديو المشروع Kayan 6 October Video

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Project Facilities Services and Facilities in Compound Kayan 6 October

Services in Compound Kayan October
Services in Compound Kayan October

The residents of Kayan Compound will find themselves constantly surrounded by all the facilities and services they need, as the company is keen to improve the residents’ lifestyle. There is an unlimited range of entertainment as well, which are available to residents throughout the day. Learn more about the services offered in Kayan 6 October through the following points:

  • Compound Kayan October has swimming pools at the highest level, suitable for both adults and children.
  • Compound Kayan 6 October contains green gardens with large areas, so that residents can get rest and recreation.
  • The most delicious dishes are served through the cafes and restaurants that are spread around Kayan Compound.
  • There is a commercial mall in Kayan Compound, where there are the most famous international brands that make it easier for residents to shop at any time.
  • Running and cycling tracks are spread throughout Kayan project, to provide the right space for lovers of these sports.
  • Security and guard teams work 24 hours a day in Kayan Compound, in order to achieve safety and tranquility among the residents.
  • In Kayan 6 October Compound, the company provides advanced surveillance cameras, to increase safety in the compound.
  • It’s easy for residents to park their cars, as parking garages are available in Kayan October units.
  • The latest fire extinguishing systems are available in Kayan 6 October to deal with fires immediately at any moment.
  • Kayan project has a gym to allow residents to practice at any time.
  • To preserve the aesthetic view in Kayan Compound, the best cleaning and maintenance companies have been contracted to provide their services to the residents seven days a week.

Project Advantages Advantages of Compound Kayan 6 October

Advantages in Kayan Compound
Advantages in Kayan Compound

There are many advantages in Compound Kayan October, as it has a unique set of exclusive features that make it the best 6 October project. It is strategically located in Grand Heights, and the project has unique designs that made apartments and villas appear in the form of townhouses and the lowest building heights in 6th of October.

In addition to the excellent location and the beautiful designs offered by Kayan Compound, residents also get to enjoy competitive prices and convenient payment plans, as well as a large number of services and entertainment facilities in Kayan 6 October Compound.

Disadvantages of Compound Kayan 6 October

Despite the many advantages that have been listed about Compound Kayan October, some clients may prefer immediate delivery and believe that the delivery dates set by the company are too far. However, Kayan 6 October would like to deliver its units fully finished and up to standard in order to satisfy their clients, which will take time.

Project's Brochure Kayan October Project Brochure

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Company Previous Work About Badreldin Developments

Badreldin Developments is one of the leading real estate companies that began their journey in 2006, and have succeeded in achieving success that has enabled them to gain the respect of their clients. In addition, they have worked on an extensive land portfolio varying between residential and commercial projects, which increased their experience in the field.

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  • Arkan Plaza Mall.
  • Karma Residence.
  • Karma 1.
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